Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Whats Going on at Thatsmyshirt.com

Well we are back. Things have been so busy over the last few weeks. The requests for Holiday gifts have been extraordinary. We feel like Santa..speaking of which any interest in Bad Santa T-Shirts? Let us know.

First off: Whats new! Tons of new t-shirt and we mean tons. We appologize for not adding that much over the last few months but we have started. Junk Food T-Shirts are all over the site. We now made it easier to search for them by just clicking on the Junk Food Logo. Punk Rock T-Shirts have been added and there are tons and tons to come. Also added new Guns N Roses T-Shirts, Rolling Stones, Joey Ramone, Breaking Benjamin and more. Also added are new Dazed and Confused T-Shirts.

Coming Soon: New Office Space Designs. One already is in (Case of The Mondays). Also we have been told we have neglected the youngsters which really has hurt us but we admit when we make mistakes. Because of that we will be adding tons of t-shirts for children as well as onesies for infants and toddler tees. We have some really cute ones on the way. Sneak Peak above left. Check back soon for a special sale coming between December 10th and 18th.

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