Friday, November 24, 2006

Rocky T-Shirts, Aquaman Hat

Be sure to see our new Rocky T-Shirts in our Rocky T-Shirts section and our brand new Italian Stallion Hoodies! With the movie just weeks away, Rocky clothing is extremely popular.

Have you checked out our hat section recently? If not be sure to see the new Aquaman Distressed hat pictured. This hat is our most popular selling hat to date. There are still some available so be sure to get one while they last. You can even add a Junk Food Aquaman t-shirt to make a perfect gift.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Junk Food Little Miss Tees

Our hottest selling t-shirts this month has been the Junk Food Little Miss T-Shirts. Yes the same Little Miss characters from the books you read as a kid. These tees are very cute. We sold out of these but will be getting more this week. Coming are Little Miss Naughty, Little Miss Bossy, and Little Miss Sunshine. We also have Mr Messy for guys. Look for me coming soon.

Other new stuff coming.

Look for more new Willie Nelson T-Shirts, Super Hero T-Shirts, The Office T-Shirts, and more!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Halloween Pic T-Shirt Giveaway, Top Halloween Costume This Year

We love to see Halloween costumes made with our t-shirts. That being said we are rolling out our second annual free t-shirt Halloween contest. It's very simple. Buy one of our t-shirts. Include it in your Halloween costume this year. Have someone take a picture of you in it. Send us the picture. If we post it, you get a free t-shirt! Submit your pics today

For the second year in a row the #1 purchased t-shirt for Halloween is the Charlie Brown classic t-shirt. As of todays date there are 52 people (that we know of at least) that will be Charlie Brown for Halloween.

Server Issues: We want to apologize for some server issues that have been occuring over the last week or so. Our web host has been having issues and it has been causing major annoyances for everyone. The good news: will be merging in the next few months and will be on a brand new web platform. This platform will make everything from browsing products to placing orders much easier. Stay tuned for more exciting info on this...

Thursday, October 12, 2006

80s Articles, Clone Wars Coming, Famous Deaths

Thatsmyshirt has added a brand new section to our article library that every 80s fan should see. We will be adding articles and descriptions of 80s terms, fads, bands, movies, and more. Some of this info everybody knows, however you are sure to learn a little about the 80s by reading this articles. The first article is posted, The Rubik's Cube. Check them out weekly as we will add new articles often.

Star Wars fans will like this. George Lucas plans on bringing his animated cartoon Clone Wars to network tv. It could air as early as next year. He still always wants to do another Indiana Jones movie.

On a day when Yankees pitcher Corey Lidle dies in a plane crash the day before, today is a memorable day for famous deaths. Take a look

Former Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious stabs girlfriend Nancy Spungen to death in room 100 of New York's Chelsea Hotel. Because Sid remembers nothing about the crime, theories include robbery and an abortive suicide pact. Vicious dies of an ugly heroin overdose shortly before his trial. Be sure to see our new Sex Pistols Junk Food Tees. They are great

Folk singer John Denver dies when his newest toy, a homebuilt Long-EZ single-seat airplane, crashes into the ocean near Monterey, California. Unfortunately, the person who constructed the plane opted to locate the fuel tank selector valve behind the pilot's left shoulder. In order for Denver to reach back and switch tanks, he had to let go of the flight controls. At which point, the aircraft plunged 500 feet into the Pacific Ocean. Divers later recover most of the body, but not the head. Denver is ultimately identified by his fingerprints.

Thats all for now...

Friday, October 06, 2006

Retro 80s T-Shirt, Junk Food T-Shirt on a Celeb

Check out this new Junk Food Mens My Stick Brings Joy T-Shirt just in. For those of you who grew up in the 80s playing Atari this one should be sentimental. Just think 20 years from now you will probably see a similar shirt with an XBOX Controller. How times change...

Speaking of Junk Food. Nick Lachey is a fan of Junk Food. Check out this picture of Nick in Junk Food's AC/DC For Those About To Rock T-Shirt. These t-shirt will be at in the next few weeks so look for it. We can take preorders.

More Junk Food Tees coming this week!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Junk Food Bon Jovi T-Shirts, The Simpsons Meet Star Trek

We are pleased to announce that the long awaited Bon Jovi T-Shirts by Junk Food are now in stock. This one is a raglan jersey style shirt that features Jon Bon Jovi in his younger days. This is an instant classic.

Many more new Junk Food Tees on the way including Alice in Chains, new Pink Floyd and more. Stay tuned...

Hockey Is Back

Big week for Hockey fans like us. The NHL season starts this week. Check out this new Molson Hockey T-Shirt now in stock.

The Simpsons Meet Star Trek

Check out this clip of two legendary theme songs mixed together. Yep, bet you never knew Homer Simpson and Captain Kirk were friends

Monday, September 25, 2006

Rosie to Appear Topless on Nip Tuck? The Hoff's Daughter Attempts Suicide

Say it isnt so. One of our favorite tv shows is apparently going to let Rosie expose her chest on an episode.

Apparently David Hasselhoff's daughter attempted to commit suicide.

In T-Shirt News - Look for new Affliction Hoodies coming in this week

Superfriends T-Shirts

We get tons of requests in for Superfriends t-shirts. They are definitely hard to come by. Well we are pleased to announce that we have received a few in stock. You can view the one pictured above here Many more on the way.

Also coming are Super Hero hoodies including Green Lantern, Superman, Batman and more. Stay tuned...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Willie and Mushrooms

Timing is everything. Just as we are about to release several new Willie Nelson T-Shirts in our rock t-shirts section, Willie Nelson is in the news. What for you may ask? Willie and 4 others were arrested at a traffic stop for possession of drugs. Apparently there was a pound of marijuana and a bag of Psychadelic Mushrooms. Nelson has made no secret of his marijuana use and serves on the advisory board of The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

In T-Shirt news, look for new Affliction T-Shirts and Hoodies very soon as well as many new toddler t-shirts by NoStar. They are so cute!

As a follow up to our last post Dog The Bounty Hunter is going to speak out on his arrest tonight. A&E will be hosting a one hour special tonight entitled DOG: The Family Speaks.Be sure to see this

Friday, September 15, 2006

Fall T-Shirt Preview, Dog The Bounty Hunter Arrested

With fashion week either here or have just passed (depending on when you read this) its probably a good time to discuss Fall/Winter T-Shirt News. This year looks like the best year yet for new t-shirts. If you havent already seen some of the new Rocky T-Shirts be sure to check them out as well as new ones that will be posted shortly. Other 80s Tees also have been posted including Punky Brewster, ET, Sixteen Candles, Weird Science and more!

Also on the way: New Junk Food Tees! We are very excited about the new Junk Food Tees and Hoodies that are coming. Here are some of the new Junk Food Tees on the way

Bon Jovi, Sting, Beverly Hill 90210, Barney (yes the purple dinosaur), Little Miss T-Shirts (Little Miss Happy, Confused, etc), Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedys and many more!

With this all being said be sure to keep an eye out for our newsletter as we will be having some big closeout sales!

Say it isnt so. Duane Dog Chapman of the show Dog The Bounty Hunter was arrested on charges of illegal detention. Talk about role reversals.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Hugs and Kisses with Elmo, No Star Vintage Tees, September 11th

The new Junk Food Hoodies are in! This is a cute Elmo Military Hoodie. The Back of the Hoodie says Hugs N Kisses. Many other hoodies are in including some Rolling Stones Hoodies, Aerosmith, Superman and more. Look for many more on the way.

We are pleased to announce that we will now be carrying No Star vintage tees! For those of you not familiar with No Star you will be soon. They carry really cool vintage t-shirts for men, women and now kids! Be on the lookout for many new No Star tees this fall in our vintage t-shirt section

September 11th is a day we will never forget.

Sep 11 1991

Boxer Mike Tyson is arrested for raping Desiree Washington in an Indianapolis hotel room. After his conviction and three years spent behind bars, Tyson continues to maintain his innocence, telling one reporter: "I just hate her guts... I really wish I did now... now I really do want to rape her."

Probably not what you were thinking we were going to say, huh. Just wanted to keep everyone on their toes.

We need pictures!

Remember, this month we are giving away free t-shirts! All you need to do is buy one of our t-shirts, have someone take your picture in it, send it to us, and thats all.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Halloween Costume Guide

Believe it not Halloween is just around the corner. Thatsmyshirt has posted a Halloween Costume Guide in our article section which may assist when looking for a costume. is a great place for all of you last minute costume searchers. This will be updated with new costume ideas so check back often. We are also giving away free t-shirts for the top three costumes we see pictures of that are made with our t-shirts. Send your pictures our way and win free tees!

New Rocky T-Shirts In Stock

Rocky Balboa is now just months away. While we will not know whether thats a good thing or a joke, we have great Rocky T-Shirts. These are all new models and include some classic Rocky characters like Apollo, Drago and Clubber. Stay tuned for even more which are on the way. Tons of other new 80s tees also coming

Monday, September 04, 2006

Crocodile Hunter Passes, New Junk Food Hoodies

The worlds most famous Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin was killed by a Stingray while filming off of the Great Barrier Reef. He passed doing what he loved. There are some gruesome details as to his death so if you really want to read them click here

The Hoodies Are Here, The Hoodies are Here

Summer is pretty much over and the hoodies are starting to roll in. We just received several new Hoodies and Yoga Pants from Junk Food including the following:

Curious George Rainbow Hoodie
Rolling Stones Shes a Rainbow Hoodie and Yoga Pants
Rolling Stones Military NYC Hoodie and Yoga Pants
Aerosmith Tour Hoodie

Many more on the way...

US Weekly Coupon Still In Effect

The US Weekly Magazine coupon is still in effect. So if you are looking to save 10% you can still use it during the month of September.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Disney Couture, Doe Mighty Fine, More New Tees

Good News for all you vintage t-shirt fans out there. Thatsmyshirt has just received over 25 new vintage style t-shirts in stock. Stay tuned as they will be posted on the site later this week. We are in the process of shooting another model shoot and once the pics come back they will be posted. Some of the t-shirts that will be on sale are Disney Couture t-shirts, Doe Mighty Fine, Ruby Gloom, French Kitty and more. Look for our new Doe section and Disney Couture Section. We also have many new McDonalds Vintage T-Shirts coming as well..stay tuned... in US Weekly this week. For those of you who get US Weekly Magazine take a look at us in the Shop a Thon. There is a 10% coupon code. For those of you who do not read it and want the coupon, we arent giving it out. We want to make everyone work a little for it. Just kidding..the code is US99 Enjoy!

If you havent already signed up for our mailing list, sign up. Starting in Septemember we will be sending tons of coupons and new release previews.

More Lindsay Complaints

Looks like more people are complaining about Lindsay Lohan's work ethic. Here is another story from actor William H Macy complaining about the actress. She just cant win anywhere.

In other entertainment news, Kevin Federline will be appearing on CSI episodes...why? Who knows.

In Fashion industry Flashbacks. Look what happened on todays date in 1995

Aug 28 1995

Calvin Klein withdraws an ad campaign after drawing wide criticism for mimicking the look and feel of child pornography. Although all the underwear models were legal adults, they appeared to be adolescents photographed in a sleazy motel room

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Junk Food Batik Designs, US Magazine Coupon

More new Junk Food t-shirts have just arrived including several Batik designs. Pictured is the brand new Junk Food Superman Batik T-Shirt. It comes with a Junk Food Keychain. Many other Batik t-shirts are also available including Felix the Cat, The Beatles and others. Coming soon...Junk Food Hoodies and Yoga Pants.

Want to save some money while shopping at If so pick up next weeks US Weekly Magazine which goes on sale this Friday. There is a coupon code in it.

Thatsmyshirt included in Material Girls Swag Bag's products were included in the Material Girls swag bag that was given to both Hilary and Hailey Duff. The movie is now in theatres nationwide. The bag included very cool Junk Food t-shirts including a vintage Doors concert t-shirt and a Pretenders t-shirt as well as some Disney Couture t-shirts.

Halloween is coming! Look for our annual Halloween costume suggestion guide very soon. The guide gives many ideas on how a t-shirt can be made into a great costume

Friday, August 18, 2006 in US Weekly Magazine, More Signs That 80s Fashion Is Back

Be sure to pick the September 4th edition of US Weekly Magazine as will be in it! This is the MTV Awards edition magazine. Look for in other magazines as well this fall. We will keep you posted.

You may have heard it over and over by now but 80s fashion appears to be back this fall. Here is another one of many articles that has been in the press that reinforces this belief. Be sure to read Back to the 80s

Halloween's Coming: Yes believe it or not the summer is almost over and Halloween is just around the corner. has tons of cool t-shirts that make great costumes. Be sure to view this blog often as we will be featuring many t-shirts pre Halloween that we feel would make great costumes. Stay tuned...

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Baby Rock Star Clothing, New Designs Needed

More great news for parents looking for some really cool t-shirts and onesies for their infants and toddlers. will be adding Baby Rock Star Clothing to our t-shirt line. They make some really cute rock parody t-shirts that are sure eye openers. Look for them to appear on this month. This is one of our favorites called ABCD ala AC/DC. is looking to roll out a fall clothing line and we need good designs. They can be funny, trendy, artistic or anything that basically we like. If you have any ideas or designs please contact us. We pay for designs and always love outside help from t-shirt lovers.

Monday, August 14, 2006 College Tour / College Reps, Press Requests is going back to college this fall. We will be hanging out on several college campuses this fall giving away free parties, t-shirts and more! Feel free to ask us when we may be at your school or give us a good reason why we should come there. If your school group, fraternity, etc. needs custom t-shirts made let us help. Our first stop on our college tour is our Alma Matre, The Ohio State University. Then heading up to the state of Michigan. We are also looking for College Reps to promote our site and products so if you want to be a college rep, please contact us.

We have been getting a ton of press inquiries over the last month. If you are looking to contact us for advertising or press please contact us via email at info at (sorry about the email address, we hate spam)

Three Six Mafia showing up everywhere. Rap Group Three Six Mafia is back up doing the Hollywood tour. First they made the Glow in the Dark Skull Pile t-shirt that we carry famous by wearing it in a video, last night they appeared briefly on Entourage. Then again everything on Entourage appears briefly. PS - 2 More Episodes and thats the season. Three Six Mafia also has 2 songs that will be on the upcoming Rocky Balboa soundtrack.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Entourage Season Wrapping Up, Jerry Garcia

Entourage has only 4 more episodes this season! Say it isnt so. Its true. If you want a sneak preview of what will happen be sure to click here
The good news is the show is coming back for another season and Artie Lang from the Howard Stern show will be involved. Now if they only made the show longer....

Back in 1995 on todays date Jerry Garcia passed away.

Aug 9 1995

Jerry Garcia dies of a heart attack at Serenity Knolls near Novato, California. He had checked himself into the drug rehab center a few days prior, in hopes of kicking his longstanding heroin habit

It's a day we will never forget here as it was the same day our long time company pet Golden Retriever passed as well.

Suggestion time:

As you may have heard this fall, 80s clothing is coming back. We are not just talking about t-shirts. Supposibly all the 80s fashion trends are coming back. With that being said we want clothing suggestions for our fall line. If anyone has suggestions let us know. We already have many hoodies coming so keep on the lookout.

Speaking of fall fashion. If you have not yet seen them, we received several Junk Food Thermal Tees in. They include The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith and a very cool Wonder Woman Camoflauge Thermal Shirt, pictured. Be sure to check them out!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

New Baby / Infant Clothing Line Added, Classic Nintendo

We are pleased to announce the addition of a new line of infant/baby clothing. Uncommonly Cute offers some really cute designs for infants and toddlers. Most of the designs are available in t-shirts, onesies and long sleeve t-shirts. You may have seen articles about celebs kids such as Britney Spears wearing their clothing. Here is a picture of one of our favorite designs. This Elmo is My Homeboy t-shirt is so cute!

Remember Mike Tyson (who?). Well if you remember his name was associated to one of the finest Nintendo Games ever, Mike Tyson's Punchout. You can see someone take the road to the Mike Tyson's punchout title right here for old times sake.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Portions of Affliction T-Shirts Donated, Do The Urkel will be donating 2% off all sales of Affliction t-shirts to the Chrohn's and Colitis Foundation of America starting in August. For those of you who have not seen the Affliction t-shirt line you can view them here. Many more Affliction t-shirts are on the way.

Want to learn the Urkel Dance? Be sure to check out this clip to get your Urkel dance moves down. Don't forget to check out our Family Matters t-shirts for some really cool Steve Urkel t-shirts.


The Junk Food David Bowie t-shirt that was featured on Good Day NY and in Life & Style Magazine is now back in stock. We sold out last week but it is now available again.

More Junk Food T-Shirts coming this week.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Good Day New York Clip, New for Fall

For those of you who either do not live in New York or just simply missed it attached is the clip from Good Day New York from Monday. The clip features vintage tees and our Junk Food David Bowie t-shirt which is located here

Monday, July 24, 2006

80s Karate Kid T-Shirts, Married with Children Tees

It's been awhile since we added new 80s tees but this is the week for the 80s. We have received some really cool new Karate Kid T-Shirts and many more are on the way. Here is a sneak peak

Also just in are tons of Married with Children t-shirts. These make great Al Bundy costumes for those of you worried about Halloween gifts which believe it or not is just around the corner.

Look for more new products this week.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Today in 1981

Todays date is an infamous day in rock music history. Look what happened on todays date in 1981:

Mark David Chapman is sentenced to 20 years in prison for the shooting of John Lennon. His only response is to read a passage from a J.D. Salinger novel. Chapman currently works as a janitor in Attica State Prison.

And yesterday this occured....

Jul 20 1973

In Hong Kong, martial artist Bruce Lee drops into a coma and dies of cerebral edema. He had been experiencing brain problems beginning in May, which included sporadic loss of consciousness. Lee's death transpires shortly before the release of Enter the Dragon, his most successful film.

Little did we know that both of these legends would be the focus of tons of t-shirts in our society today.

Look for new John Lennon T-Shirts in the next week. In other new t-shirt news we have more Doe / Mighty Fine t-shirts on the way. Some of them include McDonalds, Hello Kitty and more.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Gumby Mania Hits, Curious George

We promised Mens Gumby vintage t-shirts and we have delivered. Check out this cool Gumby Blockhead t-shirt by Cheesey Tees. Many other Gumby t-shirts for men and women can also be found in our Cheesey Tees section

The same can be said for Curious George t-shirts. We just received a large shipment of new Curious George t-shirts. We have several available from Junk Food as well. Youth Curious George tees are also available.

Stay tuned this week for many new releases including concert tour t-shirts from Poison, Yes, Lynyrd Skynyrd and more.

The new NFL T-Shirts that we promised are also now available

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Michael Jackson Being Sued, Ramones T-Shirt, Sopranos Delayed

Michael Jackson is back in the news today. Once again he is being sued. This time, ex-wife Debbie Rowe is suing Jacko. She is suing him for not making divorce payments. You can view the story here

Ramones fans will love this new t-shirt we got in. This is The Ramones Gabba Gabba Hey Retro T-Shirt. Very cool rock t-shirt.

Keep watching this week and next for our expanded Cheesey Tees section. Also coming are Grease T-Shirts, Bambi T-Shirts, Ford t-shirts and more!

Once again, looks like a long wait for a new Sopranos season. The shows start date has been delayed until March. Read this article to learn about other HBO plans including a new Curb Your Enthusiasm season

Saturday, July 08, 2006

New T-Shirt Section: Cheesey Tees, New Brands

We have been receiving tons of requests for more Cheesey Tees and we are pleased to announce that new designs are now in! We have decided to add a brand new t-shirt section devoted exclusively to Cheesey Tees. If you do not know about Cheesey Tees, you need to get one. They are super soft comfortable vintage t-shirts. You probably have seen them in magazines and on TV and just didn't know they were made by Cheesey. Over the next week you will see the new Cheesey Tees section getting bigger with tons of new t-shirts. These designs include Gumby t-shirts, Peeps, Hot Tamales, Speed Racer, Carvel, Mr. Bill and more!

Pictured is a Radio Flyer vintage My First Kiss t-shirt. Many other cute Radio Flyer designs are also available.

In other new t-shirt news, Affliction mens t-shirts are on the way! These t-shirts are very cool. You probably have seen them on celebs recently. Among those that wear them are Chris Dauhtry (from American Idol), The All American Rejects, Hulk Hogan, Jamie Foxx and others. Look for them soon.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Reality TV, Pink Floyd Baseball Jersey, Football Already?

Think your an expert when it comes to reality TV? If so be sure to take the Reality TV quiz located here. We must admit three out of four of us that took this failed miserably and we all claim to watch alot of reality TV. Maybe there is too much reality TV?

Pink Floyd fans will love this new item just in! Check out the Pink Floyd Baseball Jersey pictured above. The jersey says Pink Floyd across the center and has the Dark Side of The Moon logo on the sleeve. Very cool new item that you can find here

Believe it or not football season is almost here! Training camp that is. Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we have some really cool new NFL Football t-shirts coming. These are brand new never before seen designs that you will love. Stay tuned...

Better Off Dead Quiz: We get tons of requests for Better Off Dead T-Shirts (yes the John Cusack movie from the 80s). Unfortunately, still no sign of them. However if you are craving Better Off Dead and do not want to watch it on TV again take the Better Off Dead Quiz

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Superman Soundtrack, Holyfields Ear, New Junk Food Tanks

Last night we got to see a premiere of Superman Returns. Was very impressed by it. Definitely recommending everyone go see it. If you want to hear the soundtrack you can listen to it here. Not sure how long this will be available for free listening so if you want to hear it listen to it soon or just go out and buy the CD!

Boxing fans will remember todays date in 1997 forever. On todays date in 1997 Mike Tyson (who was losing a fight to Evander Holyfield) was disqualified for biting a portion of Holyfield's ear off. After this he was banned from boxing and fined.

New Junk Food Tank Tops are in. We will have them posted this week. There is a limited supply and a big demand for these so be sure to jump on them immediately. They include the Stones, Blondie, and Poison to name a few.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Appropriate T-Shirt, Disney Couture Hoodies, Superman Returns

Check out this new Junk Food T-Shirt for sale at that we just got in. Many guys have been purchasing this t-shirt for their significant others. Not sure if thats such a good move, but thats for you to determine. It can be a funny gift or a nightmare waiting to happen. However this Junk Food Queen Bitch t-shirt is very cool with silver foil type print. Of course its printed on Junk Food's super comfortable vintage style t-shirts. Be sure to grab one of these soon as they are selling out quickly!

New Rock T-Shirts: First we must apologize. With all the new blockbuster movies being released this summer, along with tons of new cool vintage t-shirts that are available, we have been lacking in the rock t-shirts department. Rock t-shirts are our specialty so we will be getting back to them this week. There has been a ton of new ones that we have received so look for them shortly.

Disney Couture Hoodies and Thermals: Its sad to have to discuss this as July approaches, but its time to start thinking about fall fashion. The good news is that we will be receiving a ton of new hoodies including Disney Couture Hoodies this week. We will also have hoodies and thermals featuring Hello Kitty, Snoopy, and more!

Superman Returns Countdown: The wait is almost over. Superman Returns is in theatres this week. We were able to catch a premiere and its great! Definitely go see it!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Tour Alert: Motley Crue and Aerosmith, No Doubt, More

How about this for a concert tour. Motley Crue is teaming up with Aerosmith and going on tour. Definitely one for the ages. The US Leg of the tour will begin in NJ in September. The tour is called The Route of All Evil Tour.

Now that Gwen Stefani gave birth to her son, No Doubt is going to be making new music soon. The band is back together and ready to make new music. Good news for No Doubt fans!

In other music news. Mary J. Blige will be appearing on the daytime soap opera One Live to Live. Look for her episode to air on July 28th.

Blink 182 is also ready to make new music. Good news for Blink 182 fans!

In new t-shirt news, there will be many new Junk Food T-Shirts released this week as well as vintage t-shirts. Stay tuned...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Snoop and Taylor Hicks, Screech Enters The T-Shirt World

We had to post this picture of Snoop Dogg and Taylor Hicks singing together. Definitely a little dose of opposites attract. The two apparently sang on stage in Taylors hometown in Alabama. They sang Snoop's Gin and Juice song. Taylor said that he admires Snoop for not only his music but for him being a family man. Be sure to see our Snoop Dogg T-Shirts here

Screech is now selling t-shirts to save his home! Yes Screech, the same little skinny kid from Saved By The Bell we all loved in the 90s. Apparently his fallen behind in mortgage payments and his stand up comedy gigs are not paying for the mortgage. He was on Howard Stern's show last week promoting his t-shirts. They actually are very cool t-shirts. You can see them here. Good luck Screech!

In new t-shirt news stay tuned for many new t-shirts this week including tons of new Junk Food T-Shirts, Misfits t-shirts, Danzig T-Shirts, Velvet Underground Tees, and more!

Friday, June 16, 2006

New Misfits, Danzig Skull T-Shirts Back In Stock

We received many new rock t-shirts yesterday. Tons of new designs from The Misfits are now in stock and posted. Many new ones will be posted shortly.

Good News for Danzig fans. We have been overwhelmed by the popularity of the Danzig Skull t-shirts. Unfortunately, we have not been able to keep them in stock. We are pleased to announce that we now have them back in stock, so if you ordered them in the past and did not receive them due to stock please reorder now while they last. Also back in stock is the Type O Negative Life Is Killing Me T-Shirt.

CDs? Is there any interest in us carrying CD's at We are considering it but need your input.

T-Shirt of The Week: This Kellogg's Pop Tarts vintage t-shirt has been selected as t-shirt of the week. It is now available in all sizes

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Mr. T Sings About Mothers, Rocky

File this under disturbing. Mr. T sings a song about how to treat mothers. A perfect gift for Mothers Day. Remember we warned you first this is disturbing.

More Mr. T

Can't get enough of Mr. T? Well check out this Mr. T Cartoon

Speaking of actors who played boxers, Is anyone going to be scarred of Antonio Tarver in the new Rocky after his pathetic performance against a 40 plus year old Bernard Hopkins? Then again isnt Rocky Balboa like 60 in this one? Tarver plays Rocky's opponent in Rocky Baloboa

Any interest in Rocky Satin Robes? We are thinking about carrying them. Please comment or email and let us know

Monday, June 12, 2006

Mr. Rodgers Breakdances, Entourage Application, Newlywed Game

Check out this clip of the late Mr. Rodgers learning to Breakdance from the 80s. Notice how he even wears his cardigan sweater when dancing.

You though Kelly Pickler was dumb? Check out this old Newlywed Game clip of a really dumb woman

Want to work for Ari Gold on Entourage? Click here to apply, Lloyd will set you up with an application. Be sure to admire the Warhol like picture of Ari in his office. Speaking of Entourage, is it too short or what. By the time you get into an episode its over. On the t-shirt side of Entourage we are still looking for Entourage t-shirts. There are tons of Let's Hug It Out t-shirts on the internet but we are still waiting HBO Entourage t-shirts..stay tuned.

Look for several new t-shirts to arrive this week including some really classic Willie Nelson t-shirts, new Office Space t-shirts and more!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Bugs At The Mansion, Beware of MySpace

Just in: This really cool Junk Food Mens Bugs Bunny in the Playboy Silhouette t-shirt. Can you imagine Bugs Bunny partying at the Playboy Mansion? Never new these two would meet up.

In other t-shirt news: We have new concert tour t-shirts from Poison and Journey.

In MySpace News: A Family was evicted for pictures that were posted on MySpace. People will just never learn that everyone sees things on MySpace. Be careful!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Saved By The Bell News, World Cup Soccer Tees

Remember Lisa Turtle from Saved By The Bell (real name is Lark Voorhies)? Probably not too well she was not as popular as some of the other characters. But if you did she has sued The National Enquirer (as everyone does) for articles they wrote stating she had a drug problem which she says is completely false. She claims she couldnt get jobs because of this.

Soccer Fever?

Many of you right now are in Soccer Heaven with the World Cup approaching in Germany. Most of you however could care less. We will definitely be watching some of these games, even though we feel as if they are sometimes as boring as watching a plant grow. If your lucky you get to see 3 goals in an entire game. However, the World Cup is a great atmosphere and you have to root for your team. Be sure to see our World Cup Soccer t-shirts and apparel. You can find our World Cup Tees here

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Monday, May 29, 2006

Superman Returns, Gumby, Junk Food Tees and More

The Summer Movie season has begun and so far doesnt seem like any big winners. But Superman Returns and Miami Vice are both on the way. Just in time for Superman Returns are some new Mens Junk Food Superman Tees. Our favorite one is pictured to the left.

In other t-shirt additions, we have several new Gumby t-shirts for sale. Most of them are vintage style and very cool. Look for many more to come.

New Junk Food Tees:
Many new mens Junk Food Tees are now in stock. Get them while they last. Some of the new Junk Food Tees now in stock are Junk Food T-Shirts that feature the following:
Big Wheel, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Old Milwaukee, The Flash, Superballs, Firebird and more.

Free T-Shirts:
Pictured here is Ashley one of our t-shirt models for the Spring. She is wearing a very cute Love is Mix Tapes Jr T-Shirt. We are looking for more models for our clothing. Its very simple and you get tons of free t-shirts. If interested please contact us. Be sure to see our other new oneliner t-shirts.

In entertainment news it was a very busy baby week. Brad and Angelina had theirs somewhere out there and Gwen and Gavin had theirs. While we really could care less, its definitely something everyone wants to talk about.

Oh before we leave, one last point. We do not currently carry Taylor Hicks t-shirts. We only carry licensed rock or music t-shirts and since Taylor has not been on tour there really arent any real licensed tees for him yet. But once we do we will post it here. Now maybe instead of getting 25 emails asking for Taylor t-shirts we may get 5. If anyone does know where to get them feel free to post it. Our readers love to find new t-shirts.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

New T-Shirts Now In!

The first shipment of new Junkfood T-Shirts are in and we are very excited about them. If there are any models out there that want to model them for us we could use you. Send us an email if interested.

Here are some of the new Junk Food Tees that have come in:

Aerosmith Permanent Vacation Junk Food T-Shirt
Fleetwood Mac
Jimi Hendrix
Blondie One Way or Another
Rod Stewart
The Cars
Hostess Junk Food Tees including Twinkie the Kid, Captain Ho-Ho, King Ding Dong and More.
Poison T-Shirt
New Sesame Street Camoflauge t-shirts

Other new t-shirts that are in...Tons of Eminem concert t-shirts, 50 Cent Tees, new Slipknot t-shirts, Iggy Pop, Rolling Stones Hoodies, Pearl Jam t-shirts, and much more.

Also to be sure to see the new Johnny Depp Cry Baby Tattoo t-shirt as well as new The Crow t-shirts. Look for more Pulp Fiction t-shirts this week. American Psycho t-shirts have also been added

This week:

Many new t-shirts on the way including The Mr. Bill mens t-shirts. Yes the Oh No Its Mr. Bill character from 80s Saturday Night Live!

This Months Promotion

This month we will be giving away free t-shirts. This month is an 80s theme and selected orders will receive free Pac-Man t-shirts. Good luck

Monday, May 08, 2006

Keith Richards Undergoes Brain Surgery, New Rock T-Shirts

Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones underwent Brain surgery this weekend in New Zealand. Reports say that he is already recovering and doing well. Good news.

Keith Richards Undergoes Brain Surgery

New Rock T-Shirts in today:

A few classic rock legends. We have a 1972 Lou Reed T-Shirt (yes Lou Reed of Velvet Underground)
Also in is a Peter Frampton, Frampton Comes Alive T-Shirt.

Coming soon...

Summer movie movie t-shirts! Look for brand new Superman Designs to go with Superman Returns. We also have all of our Miami Vice T-Shirts in stock ahead of schedule. Be sure to view all our Miami Vice T-Shirts here

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Whats New in May at / Shirt of The Month

Another month and another series of new products. We have so many new items this month!

First, lets discuss this months product supersale. We have over 15 Napoleon Dynamite T-Shirts for guys and gals in and on sale. Prices are as low as $9.99 for authentic Napoleon Dynamite t-shirts, a movie that nobody will ever forget. Be sure to type Napoleon in the search box to see these shirts as they are added over the next week.

New Products:

Several new Insane Clown Posse T-Shirts
New Concert Tour Books from shows like Lollapalooza, Sting and more!
New Good Charlotte T-Shirts
New rock t-shirts from bands like Mars Volta, Grateful Dead, Weezer, David Bowie, The Allman Brothers.
New Rap T-Shirts from Eminem, D12, 50 Cent, The Beastie Boys and more
New movie t-shirts from movies such as Pulp Fiction and The Crow
Cheech and Chong T-Shirts
New Junk Food Tees including the popular It's Ladies Night T-Shirt with gold foil

Speaking of Junk Food we will be getting over 20 new designs this month including new Elmo T-Shirts, Big Wheel t-shirts, Hostess (Twinkies / Ho-Hos), Corvette t-shirts and more!

Also coming this month are Mr. Bill T-Shirts. Yes that little cute character from Saturday Live in the 80s

We picked this shirt as our shirt of the week. Nothing against New Jersey here..just a t-shirt

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Duke Lacrosse T-Shirts

This is just a disclaimer:

We do not have any more Duke Lacrosse T-Shirts! They are completely sold out and we cant seem to obtain them as of now as they are sold out everywhere! We are getting a ton of emails requesting these and while we would love to be able to supply them to everyone we currently cannot. But come back soon as we will attempt to find more Duke Lacrosse T-Shirts. Who ever thought that Duke Lacrosse T-Shirts would be popular.

On a brighter note we just got tons of new t-shirts in and they should all be posted this week so stay tuned.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Mens Junk Food T-Shirts Now In

The mens Junk Food T-Shirts that we promised are now in! There are so many of them including several Rolling Stones T-Shirts, Pink Floyd, Ice-T, The Cars (yes the 80s band who sang Shake It Up), Jimi Hendrix, Mountain Dew and more!

Also in are new pop culture hats like Bruce Lee, The Simpsons, Red Stripe, Corona, Miller Genuine Draft and more!

There are also a few womens Junk Food Tees that have come in featuring The Doors

We are expecting many more including our favorite one featuring Elmo from Sesame Street. The shirt says Made in The 80s! There is also a new Ladies Night Tee Shirt coming featuring Wonder Woman.

We also got in these new really cool Beatles Hoodies at a really good price. Picture is attached.

We are expecting so many new t-shirts in the next two months so we really need more models. If interested please contact us.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Shirt of The Month

This Junkfood T Shirt has become an instant classic at

Guys love their girlfriends in it and girls buy it for their boyfriends who love Super Heroes.

We have a limited supply left in stock but they are still available.

Pictured is the Junk Food Girl Power Black Wash T-Shirt featuring Wonder Woman and Supergirl.

Click the Junk Food Icon at Thatsmyshirt or click here to see all of our Junk Food Tees. Many more to come soon. We also carry mens Junk Food Tees!

Time For Product Recommendations - T-Shirts, Hats, Anything

We want to know what products you want to see on

We have a ton of readers and want your opinion as to what products we should carry. Do you want to see more rock t-shirts? More Hoodies? Let us know. We value your opinion.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

6 New Junk Food Tees Now Posted

Check out the latest products on the home page for New Junk Food Tees that were posted. The following new Junk Food Tees were posted and are available to ship today:

1) The Beatles Abbey Road Junk Food T Shirt
2) Curious George Lets Play Doctor Junk Food Tee Shirt
3) I Love Curious George Junk Food T-Shirt
4) Girl Power Junk Food T Shirt featuring Super Girl and Wonder Woman
5) The Cars Heartbeat City Tour Junk Food Tee Shirt
6) Motley Crue 1983-84 Concert Tour Junk Food Tee Shirt (a classic 80s tee shirt)

Many more to come soon and more for the men

Also be on the lookout for new Gumby Tee Shirts

Saturday, March 25, 2006

New This Week and Coming Soon...

The Spring clothing is pouring in daily here at Here are some highlights as to what is now in:

New rock band hats and rock t-shirts
New Johnny Cash T-Shirts (a ton of them)
New Baby rock t-shirts and onesies including Marvin Gaye (soul baby), Jimi Hendrix(Electric Baby) and new Marley Toddler Tees.
Also tons of Spring Break Themed t-shirts including funny sayings and State jokes.

Look for the new Junk Food Tees to arrive in the next few weeks as well as more new hats.

We have extended the March Madness Sale and it will run until the NCAA Tournament ends.

We also are running a blog related contest for college students only

If you are in college and post a funny Spring Break picture you are entered to win free t-shirts. We will select the top two funniest or interesting pictures and post them here when the contest is complete. The deadline for the contest is April 21. All you need to do is comment to this blog post and post the picture. Good Luck!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

New in stock and Coming Soon...

The long awaited Junk Food Fast Times at Ridgemont High are now in stock. Be sure to take a look. They are classic tees featuring Spicoli and Mr. Hand. New rock hats have also been added with many more to come soon.

Also on the way:

Junk Food Tank tops..perfect for Spring and Summer featuring The Rolling Stones, Blondie, and more!

We are looking for suggestions for new items so be sure to comment or email us. We love recommendations.

We are also looking for t-shirt, music and fashion articles or stories that we can post to this blog. So if you are a writer or blogger who has good info and stories contact us.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Mr. Bill Shirts Coming Soon

Within the next few weeks we will have tons of new t-shirts. Our favorite is probably the new vintage style Mr. Bill t-shirts by Cheesey Tees. They are classic. Be sure to also see new Junk Food Tees which feature Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Big Wheels.

We also have been slowly adding new rock hats so look for them as well. We are also still looking for models for our spring clothing line so contact us if interested.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Models Love Our Shirts

We are posting new pictures of models in our t-shirts. Look for new ones to appear weekly. We are still looking for models to model our new t shirts. Several of these pics will also be appearing in print ads in National Magazines that we will run this summer and for the holidays.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Spring Preview

Heres a small update on the new items coming for Spring. There is a ton. The good thing is we will be conducting a clearance sale on many of our existing t-shirts shortly. Coming soon

New Junk Food Tees including:

Ice T Rap Royalty
Big Wheel
Hostess Cakes (Twinkees, Ho-Hos and more)
New Rock T-Shirts
New Super Heroes (Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman and more!)

Non Junk Food

Battlestar Galatica Tees
Jaws T-Shirts
New 80s Tees
New Baby clothing including Johnny Cash and Jimi Hendrix onesies
New OC Shirts including the FREE MARISSA Tee.

Many more! Stay tuned

Monday, February 27, 2006

New for March

Heres our latest update as to the new products on the way for March. As promised we started posting some hats. You can find them under the accessories section. In the next week or two the following new products will be released:

Pretty in Pink T-Shirts
New Junk Food Tees
Tons of new rock t-shirts including Green Day and Bon Jovi T-Shirts

Also stay tuned for a new March promotion and dont forget to see our Irish T-Shirts for St. Patrick's Day

Also new pictures will be posted shortly!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Celebrity Jeopardy

Jeopardy fans will get a kick out of this clip.

Jeopardy Spoof featuring celebs

Hats are Coming

We are pleased to officially announce today that hats will be added to the website shortly! We have received hundreds of emails requesting them and we decided to add hats. They will be listed under Accessories on the site.

We will start by adding our Cowboy Beer Hats and then add rock band hats, music hats, sports hats, pop culture hats, Beer and Drug hats, movie hats and more. If you have any requests feel free to contact us. You will slowly start to see them in the next few weeks. Stay tuned...

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Scary Hulk Hogan 1986 Clip

Wrestling fans in the 80s will love this Hulk Hogan video. Remember Andre The Giant...hes in this. Its a little scary when Hulk picks up a guitar but still a classic clip. Be sure to see our Hulk Hogan Retro T-Shirts. We also have Junk Yard Dog, Rowdy Roddy Pipper, The British Bulldog and more!

1986 Hulk Hogan Video

Napoleon Dynamite at The Utah State Fair

Napoleon and Pedro do the Utah State Fair in this clip. This is one of many Napoleon spoofs on the internet. More to come...stay tuned. By the way we still have a ton of Napoleon Dynamite T-Shirts in stock

Napoleon at The Utah State Fair

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

80s TV Shows

Be sure to take a look at this page of 80s TV Shows. There are some classics and some classic cartoons. He-Man was constantly on. How scarry was Skeletor

80s TV Shows

80s Clothing Fads

Ready to look back at the 80s? Here is a list of 80s clothing fads. We didnt even remember a lot of these until reading this list

80s Clothing Fads

Saturday, February 11, 2006

More 80s Stuff

While we are discussing the 80s, heres a cool quiz on The Breakfast Club, a classic 80s hit. Refresh your 80s trivia by taking this quiz.

Breakfast Club Quiz

Sixteen Candles Page

A blog dedicated to the classic 80s hit Sixteen Candles was pointed out to us by one of our readers. We made sure we stocked up on all the our Sixteen Candles T-Shirts before posting this. Here is the link

Sixteen Candles

Monday, February 06, 2006

More Model Pictures

Here are some more pictures from the model search. Here is a picture of Cameron showing off our new baby rock t-shirt line and Jamie in a classic Black Crowes & Oasis rock t-shirt.

Our First Model Shoots

Here are some shots from from our first series of Model Shots for the website. We are looking for more models to add to the site as we always get new products and need models. Want to thank all the models that helped us and coming soon will be a model page which will have pictures and bios of the models used. Stay tuned...

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Super Bowl Commercials & Sopranos Trailer

Check out some sneak peeks on the upcoming Super Bowl well as some retro Super Bowl Commercials from the 80s like the Mean Joe Greene Coke commerical. How can we forget that one. Also see on this page is a sneak peak of the upcoming season of The Sopranos.

NEW: We are pleased to announce that we have added tons of classic 80s transfer tees. Some of them include Pac-Man Fever, Cabbage Patch Kids and more! Make sure to take a look at them.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

What's New At

Happy February!

Wanted to fill everyone in on the new products we have added for viewing. Remember Carvel and their crazy characters like Cookie Puss and Fudgie The Whale? Well these classic characters are now on vintage t-shirts and we have them! How about the Quik rabbit? We have him too!

Also new:

Tons of funny Irish T-Shirts for St. Patrick's day
New rock t-shirts from The Who, Frank Zappa and others
New funny vintage style t-shirts
Tons of new Junk Food Tees including new Rolling Stones T-Shirts, Black Sabbath, Elmo, Curious George and more!

Will be back soon with more new updates as new products are on the way!

Pacey as A Lawyer

Good old Pacey is coming back to TV. Read on how the Dawsons Creek star is returning to TV as a lawyer.

Dawsons Creek Star Returning to TV

Monday, January 30, 2006

Free T-Shirts and Great Exposure...A Win Win Opportunity

So we started using photos with actual real people wearing the products rather than a boring flat or standing up t-shirt. It looks so much better! Many of you have suggested we do this as it is difficult to figure out t-shirt sizing if you do not see the shirt on an actual person. Anyway we started the process and its worked great. But we have thousands of products and need more pictures to post.

So we are starting a new and unique modelling contest. Its very simple. Send us a picture of yourself. If we think you would represent our site and clothing well we will send you a free t-shirt, or two, or three, or four, you get the point. Its that easy. You have nothing to lose. We get tons of traffic and will provide great exposure and you will get fee stuff.

So send us a picture and become famous today! We will be adding this info to our site shortly but wanted to give everyone who reads our blog a headstart!

Friday, January 27, 2006

Napoleon Bonamite Napoleon Dynamite Spoof

Good news! New Napoleon Dynamite T-Shirts are on the way.

On that note, take a look at this funny Napoleon Dynamite Spoof Clip

Also on the way:

Several of you have submitted pictures to appear on our site as models and we have filtered through many and will be adding pictures shortly. Stay tuned.

Remember buy any one of our products, take a picture in it, send it to us

If we use it on our site, the item is free!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Watch Out for Joe Pesci

Any Joe Pesci fans out there?

May want to think twice before taking pictures of him

Joe Pesci Alleged Incident

Monday, January 23, 2006

Office Space and Star Wars

Yes we did just release new Office Space T Shirts and Star Wars T Shirts including some really cute baby tees. However that is really not what this post is about. Office Space and Star Wars Fans will like this clip below. Pretty funny!

Office Space Wars
Video Codes By

Saturday, January 21, 2006 Now On MySpace

We are pleased to announce that Thatsmyshirt is now on MySpace! We wanted to bring out t-shirts and t-shirt information to new readers and a great community. While this page will bring you new updates on, our MySpace blog will also be a great fun place for t-shirt information as well as wacky, funny stories. It is also a great place to meet great people with cool ideas.

Look for the page to feature our new t-shirt models (coming soon!) as well as other great info! Also join up as one of our friends because we constantly will be sending out coupons!

Here is the link. Be sure to check it out!

Thatsmyshirt MySpace Blog

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

New at Thatsmyshirt

Ok just in:

New Junk Food Tees including Mens Thermals and Scooby Doo
New Beer and Drug Tees including Killians, US Beer Drinking Team, Old English and more
40 Year Old Virgin T Shirts

Coming soon:

New Junk Tee Shirts including Mens Ice T Shirts and more
Old School WWE wrestling tees featuring British Bulldog, Junkyard Dog and more

Check back soon for new editions