Monday, February 27, 2006

New for March

Heres our latest update as to the new products on the way for March. As promised we started posting some hats. You can find them under the accessories section. In the next week or two the following new products will be released:

Pretty in Pink T-Shirts
New Junk Food Tees
Tons of new rock t-shirts including Green Day and Bon Jovi T-Shirts

Also stay tuned for a new March promotion and dont forget to see our Irish T-Shirts for St. Patrick's Day

Also new pictures will be posted shortly!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Celebrity Jeopardy

Jeopardy fans will get a kick out of this clip.

Jeopardy Spoof featuring celebs

Hats are Coming

We are pleased to officially announce today that hats will be added to the website shortly! We have received hundreds of emails requesting them and we decided to add hats. They will be listed under Accessories on the site.

We will start by adding our Cowboy Beer Hats and then add rock band hats, music hats, sports hats, pop culture hats, Beer and Drug hats, movie hats and more. If you have any requests feel free to contact us. You will slowly start to see them in the next few weeks. Stay tuned...

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Scary Hulk Hogan 1986 Clip

Wrestling fans in the 80s will love this Hulk Hogan video. Remember Andre The Giant...hes in this. Its a little scary when Hulk picks up a guitar but still a classic clip. Be sure to see our Hulk Hogan Retro T-Shirts. We also have Junk Yard Dog, Rowdy Roddy Pipper, The British Bulldog and more!

1986 Hulk Hogan Video

Napoleon Dynamite at The Utah State Fair

Napoleon and Pedro do the Utah State Fair in this clip. This is one of many Napoleon spoofs on the internet. More to come...stay tuned. By the way we still have a ton of Napoleon Dynamite T-Shirts in stock

Napoleon at The Utah State Fair

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

80s TV Shows

Be sure to take a look at this page of 80s TV Shows. There are some classics and some classic cartoons. He-Man was constantly on. How scarry was Skeletor

80s TV Shows

80s Clothing Fads

Ready to look back at the 80s? Here is a list of 80s clothing fads. We didnt even remember a lot of these until reading this list

80s Clothing Fads

Saturday, February 11, 2006

More 80s Stuff

While we are discussing the 80s, heres a cool quiz on The Breakfast Club, a classic 80s hit. Refresh your 80s trivia by taking this quiz.

Breakfast Club Quiz

Sixteen Candles Page

A blog dedicated to the classic 80s hit Sixteen Candles was pointed out to us by one of our readers. We made sure we stocked up on all the our Sixteen Candles T-Shirts before posting this. Here is the link

Sixteen Candles

Monday, February 06, 2006

More Model Pictures

Here are some more pictures from the model search. Here is a picture of Cameron showing off our new baby rock t-shirt line and Jamie in a classic Black Crowes & Oasis rock t-shirt.

Our First Model Shoots

Here are some shots from from our first series of Model Shots for the website. We are looking for more models to add to the site as we always get new products and need models. Want to thank all the models that helped us and coming soon will be a model page which will have pictures and bios of the models used. Stay tuned...

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Super Bowl Commercials & Sopranos Trailer

Check out some sneak peeks on the upcoming Super Bowl well as some retro Super Bowl Commercials from the 80s like the Mean Joe Greene Coke commerical. How can we forget that one. Also see on this page is a sneak peak of the upcoming season of The Sopranos.

NEW: We are pleased to announce that we have added tons of classic 80s transfer tees. Some of them include Pac-Man Fever, Cabbage Patch Kids and more! Make sure to take a look at them.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

What's New At

Happy February!

Wanted to fill everyone in on the new products we have added for viewing. Remember Carvel and their crazy characters like Cookie Puss and Fudgie The Whale? Well these classic characters are now on vintage t-shirts and we have them! How about the Quik rabbit? We have him too!

Also new:

Tons of funny Irish T-Shirts for St. Patrick's day
New rock t-shirts from The Who, Frank Zappa and others
New funny vintage style t-shirts
Tons of new Junk Food Tees including new Rolling Stones T-Shirts, Black Sabbath, Elmo, Curious George and more!

Will be back soon with more new updates as new products are on the way!

Pacey as A Lawyer

Good old Pacey is coming back to TV. Read on how the Dawsons Creek star is returning to TV as a lawyer.

Dawsons Creek Star Returning to TV