Wednesday, March 29, 2006

6 New Junk Food Tees Now Posted

Check out the latest products on the home page for New Junk Food Tees that were posted. The following new Junk Food Tees were posted and are available to ship today:

1) The Beatles Abbey Road Junk Food T Shirt
2) Curious George Lets Play Doctor Junk Food Tee Shirt
3) I Love Curious George Junk Food T-Shirt
4) Girl Power Junk Food T Shirt featuring Super Girl and Wonder Woman
5) The Cars Heartbeat City Tour Junk Food Tee Shirt
6) Motley Crue 1983-84 Concert Tour Junk Food Tee Shirt (a classic 80s tee shirt)

Many more to come soon and more for the men

Also be on the lookout for new Gumby Tee Shirts

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