Monday, May 29, 2006

Superman Returns, Gumby, Junk Food Tees and More

The Summer Movie season has begun and so far doesnt seem like any big winners. But Superman Returns and Miami Vice are both on the way. Just in time for Superman Returns are some new Mens Junk Food Superman Tees. Our favorite one is pictured to the left.

In other t-shirt additions, we have several new Gumby t-shirts for sale. Most of them are vintage style and very cool. Look for many more to come.

New Junk Food Tees:
Many new mens Junk Food Tees are now in stock. Get them while they last. Some of the new Junk Food Tees now in stock are Junk Food T-Shirts that feature the following:
Big Wheel, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Old Milwaukee, The Flash, Superballs, Firebird and more.

Free T-Shirts:
Pictured here is Ashley one of our t-shirt models for the Spring. She is wearing a very cute Love is Mix Tapes Jr T-Shirt. We are looking for more models for our clothing. Its very simple and you get tons of free t-shirts. If interested please contact us. Be sure to see our other new oneliner t-shirts.

In entertainment news it was a very busy baby week. Brad and Angelina had theirs somewhere out there and Gwen and Gavin had theirs. While we really could care less, its definitely something everyone wants to talk about.

Oh before we leave, one last point. We do not currently carry Taylor Hicks t-shirts. We only carry licensed rock or music t-shirts and since Taylor has not been on tour there really arent any real licensed tees for him yet. But once we do we will post it here. Now maybe instead of getting 25 emails asking for Taylor t-shirts we may get 5. If anyone does know where to get them feel free to post it. Our readers love to find new t-shirts.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

New T-Shirts Now In!

The first shipment of new Junkfood T-Shirts are in and we are very excited about them. If there are any models out there that want to model them for us we could use you. Send us an email if interested.

Here are some of the new Junk Food Tees that have come in:

Aerosmith Permanent Vacation Junk Food T-Shirt
Fleetwood Mac
Jimi Hendrix
Blondie One Way or Another
Rod Stewart
The Cars
Hostess Junk Food Tees including Twinkie the Kid, Captain Ho-Ho, King Ding Dong and More.
Poison T-Shirt
New Sesame Street Camoflauge t-shirts

Other new t-shirts that are in...Tons of Eminem concert t-shirts, 50 Cent Tees, new Slipknot t-shirts, Iggy Pop, Rolling Stones Hoodies, Pearl Jam t-shirts, and much more.

Also to be sure to see the new Johnny Depp Cry Baby Tattoo t-shirt as well as new The Crow t-shirts. Look for more Pulp Fiction t-shirts this week. American Psycho t-shirts have also been added

This week:

Many new t-shirts on the way including The Mr. Bill mens t-shirts. Yes the Oh No Its Mr. Bill character from 80s Saturday Night Live!

This Months Promotion

This month we will be giving away free t-shirts. This month is an 80s theme and selected orders will receive free Pac-Man t-shirts. Good luck

Monday, May 08, 2006

Keith Richards Undergoes Brain Surgery, New Rock T-Shirts

Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones underwent Brain surgery this weekend in New Zealand. Reports say that he is already recovering and doing well. Good news.

Keith Richards Undergoes Brain Surgery

New Rock T-Shirts in today:

A few classic rock legends. We have a 1972 Lou Reed T-Shirt (yes Lou Reed of Velvet Underground)
Also in is a Peter Frampton, Frampton Comes Alive T-Shirt.

Coming soon...

Summer movie movie t-shirts! Look for brand new Superman Designs to go with Superman Returns. We also have all of our Miami Vice T-Shirts in stock ahead of schedule. Be sure to view all our Miami Vice T-Shirts here

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Whats New in May at / Shirt of The Month

Another month and another series of new products. We have so many new items this month!

First, lets discuss this months product supersale. We have over 15 Napoleon Dynamite T-Shirts for guys and gals in and on sale. Prices are as low as $9.99 for authentic Napoleon Dynamite t-shirts, a movie that nobody will ever forget. Be sure to type Napoleon in the search box to see these shirts as they are added over the next week.

New Products:

Several new Insane Clown Posse T-Shirts
New Concert Tour Books from shows like Lollapalooza, Sting and more!
New Good Charlotte T-Shirts
New rock t-shirts from bands like Mars Volta, Grateful Dead, Weezer, David Bowie, The Allman Brothers.
New Rap T-Shirts from Eminem, D12, 50 Cent, The Beastie Boys and more
New movie t-shirts from movies such as Pulp Fiction and The Crow
Cheech and Chong T-Shirts
New Junk Food Tees including the popular It's Ladies Night T-Shirt with gold foil

Speaking of Junk Food we will be getting over 20 new designs this month including new Elmo T-Shirts, Big Wheel t-shirts, Hostess (Twinkies / Ho-Hos), Corvette t-shirts and more!

Also coming this month are Mr. Bill T-Shirts. Yes that little cute character from Saturday Live in the 80s

We picked this shirt as our shirt of the week. Nothing against New Jersey here..just a t-shirt