Sunday, May 14, 2006

New T-Shirts Now In!

The first shipment of new Junkfood T-Shirts are in and we are very excited about them. If there are any models out there that want to model them for us we could use you. Send us an email if interested.

Here are some of the new Junk Food Tees that have come in:

Aerosmith Permanent Vacation Junk Food T-Shirt
Fleetwood Mac
Jimi Hendrix
Blondie One Way or Another
Rod Stewart
The Cars
Hostess Junk Food Tees including Twinkie the Kid, Captain Ho-Ho, King Ding Dong and More.
Poison T-Shirt
New Sesame Street Camoflauge t-shirts

Other new t-shirts that are in...Tons of Eminem concert t-shirts, 50 Cent Tees, new Slipknot t-shirts, Iggy Pop, Rolling Stones Hoodies, Pearl Jam t-shirts, and much more.

Also to be sure to see the new Johnny Depp Cry Baby Tattoo t-shirt as well as new The Crow t-shirts. Look for more Pulp Fiction t-shirts this week. American Psycho t-shirts have also been added

This week:

Many new t-shirts on the way including The Mr. Bill mens t-shirts. Yes the Oh No Its Mr. Bill character from 80s Saturday Night Live!

This Months Promotion

This month we will be giving away free t-shirts. This month is an 80s theme and selected orders will receive free Pac-Man t-shirts. Good luck

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