Monday, May 29, 2006

Superman Returns, Gumby, Junk Food Tees and More

The Summer Movie season has begun and so far doesnt seem like any big winners. But Superman Returns and Miami Vice are both on the way. Just in time for Superman Returns are some new Mens Junk Food Superman Tees. Our favorite one is pictured to the left.

In other t-shirt additions, we have several new Gumby t-shirts for sale. Most of them are vintage style and very cool. Look for many more to come.

New Junk Food Tees:
Many new mens Junk Food Tees are now in stock. Get them while they last. Some of the new Junk Food Tees now in stock are Junk Food T-Shirts that feature the following:
Big Wheel, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Old Milwaukee, The Flash, Superballs, Firebird and more.

Free T-Shirts:
Pictured here is Ashley one of our t-shirt models for the Spring. She is wearing a very cute Love is Mix Tapes Jr T-Shirt. We are looking for more models for our clothing. Its very simple and you get tons of free t-shirts. If interested please contact us. Be sure to see our other new oneliner t-shirts.

In entertainment news it was a very busy baby week. Brad and Angelina had theirs somewhere out there and Gwen and Gavin had theirs. While we really could care less, its definitely something everyone wants to talk about.

Oh before we leave, one last point. We do not currently carry Taylor Hicks t-shirts. We only carry licensed rock or music t-shirts and since Taylor has not been on tour there really arent any real licensed tees for him yet. But once we do we will post it here. Now maybe instead of getting 25 emails asking for Taylor t-shirts we may get 5. If anyone does know where to get them feel free to post it. Our readers love to find new t-shirts.

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