Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Superman Soundtrack, Holyfields Ear, New Junk Food Tanks

Last night we got to see a premiere of Superman Returns. Was very impressed by it. Definitely recommending everyone go see it. If you want to hear the soundtrack you can listen to it here. Not sure how long this will be available for free listening so if you want to hear it listen to it soon or just go out and buy the CD!

Boxing fans will remember todays date in 1997 forever. On todays date in 1997 Mike Tyson (who was losing a fight to Evander Holyfield) was disqualified for biting a portion of Holyfield's ear off. After this he was banned from boxing and fined.

New Junk Food Tank Tops are in. We will have them posted this week. There is a limited supply and a big demand for these so be sure to jump on them immediately. They include the Stones, Blondie, and Poison to name a few.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Appropriate T-Shirt, Disney Couture Hoodies, Superman Returns

Check out this new Junk Food T-Shirt for sale at that we just got in. Many guys have been purchasing this t-shirt for their significant others. Not sure if thats such a good move, but thats for you to determine. It can be a funny gift or a nightmare waiting to happen. However this Junk Food Queen Bitch t-shirt is very cool with silver foil type print. Of course its printed on Junk Food's super comfortable vintage style t-shirts. Be sure to grab one of these soon as they are selling out quickly!

New Rock T-Shirts: First we must apologize. With all the new blockbuster movies being released this summer, along with tons of new cool vintage t-shirts that are available, we have been lacking in the rock t-shirts department. Rock t-shirts are our specialty so we will be getting back to them this week. There has been a ton of new ones that we have received so look for them shortly.

Disney Couture Hoodies and Thermals: Its sad to have to discuss this as July approaches, but its time to start thinking about fall fashion. The good news is that we will be receiving a ton of new hoodies including Disney Couture Hoodies this week. We will also have hoodies and thermals featuring Hello Kitty, Snoopy, and more!

Superman Returns Countdown: The wait is almost over. Superman Returns is in theatres this week. We were able to catch a premiere and its great! Definitely go see it!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Tour Alert: Motley Crue and Aerosmith, No Doubt, More

How about this for a concert tour. Motley Crue is teaming up with Aerosmith and going on tour. Definitely one for the ages. The US Leg of the tour will begin in NJ in September. The tour is called The Route of All Evil Tour.

Now that Gwen Stefani gave birth to her son, No Doubt is going to be making new music soon. The band is back together and ready to make new music. Good news for No Doubt fans!

In other music news. Mary J. Blige will be appearing on the daytime soap opera One Live to Live. Look for her episode to air on July 28th.

Blink 182 is also ready to make new music. Good news for Blink 182 fans!

In new t-shirt news, there will be many new Junk Food T-Shirts released this week as well as vintage t-shirts. Stay tuned...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Snoop and Taylor Hicks, Screech Enters The T-Shirt World

We had to post this picture of Snoop Dogg and Taylor Hicks singing together. Definitely a little dose of opposites attract. The two apparently sang on stage in Taylors hometown in Alabama. They sang Snoop's Gin and Juice song. Taylor said that he admires Snoop for not only his music but for him being a family man. Be sure to see our Snoop Dogg T-Shirts here

Screech is now selling t-shirts to save his home! Yes Screech, the same little skinny kid from Saved By The Bell we all loved in the 90s. Apparently his fallen behind in mortgage payments and his stand up comedy gigs are not paying for the mortgage. He was on Howard Stern's show last week promoting his t-shirts. They actually are very cool t-shirts. You can see them here. Good luck Screech!

In new t-shirt news stay tuned for many new t-shirts this week including tons of new Junk Food T-Shirts, Misfits t-shirts, Danzig T-Shirts, Velvet Underground Tees, and more!

Friday, June 16, 2006

New Misfits, Danzig Skull T-Shirts Back In Stock

We received many new rock t-shirts yesterday. Tons of new designs from The Misfits are now in stock and posted. Many new ones will be posted shortly.

Good News for Danzig fans. We have been overwhelmed by the popularity of the Danzig Skull t-shirts. Unfortunately, we have not been able to keep them in stock. We are pleased to announce that we now have them back in stock, so if you ordered them in the past and did not receive them due to stock please reorder now while they last. Also back in stock is the Type O Negative Life Is Killing Me T-Shirt.

CDs? Is there any interest in us carrying CD's at We are considering it but need your input.

T-Shirt of The Week: This Kellogg's Pop Tarts vintage t-shirt has been selected as t-shirt of the week. It is now available in all sizes

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Mr. T Sings About Mothers, Rocky

File this under disturbing. Mr. T sings a song about how to treat mothers. A perfect gift for Mothers Day. Remember we warned you first this is disturbing.

More Mr. T

Can't get enough of Mr. T? Well check out this Mr. T Cartoon

Speaking of actors who played boxers, Is anyone going to be scarred of Antonio Tarver in the new Rocky after his pathetic performance against a 40 plus year old Bernard Hopkins? Then again isnt Rocky Balboa like 60 in this one? Tarver plays Rocky's opponent in Rocky Baloboa

Any interest in Rocky Satin Robes? We are thinking about carrying them. Please comment or email and let us know

Monday, June 12, 2006

Mr. Rodgers Breakdances, Entourage Application, Newlywed Game

Check out this clip of the late Mr. Rodgers learning to Breakdance from the 80s. Notice how he even wears his cardigan sweater when dancing.

You though Kelly Pickler was dumb? Check out this old Newlywed Game clip of a really dumb woman

Want to work for Ari Gold on Entourage? Click here to apply, Lloyd will set you up with an application. Be sure to admire the Warhol like picture of Ari in his office. Speaking of Entourage, is it too short or what. By the time you get into an episode its over. On the t-shirt side of Entourage we are still looking for Entourage t-shirts. There are tons of Let's Hug It Out t-shirts on the internet but we are still waiting HBO Entourage t-shirts..stay tuned.

Look for several new t-shirts to arrive this week including some really classic Willie Nelson t-shirts, new Office Space t-shirts and more!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Bugs At The Mansion, Beware of MySpace

Just in: This really cool Junk Food Mens Bugs Bunny in the Playboy Silhouette t-shirt. Can you imagine Bugs Bunny partying at the Playboy Mansion? Never new these two would meet up.

In other t-shirt news: We have new concert tour t-shirts from Poison and Journey.

In MySpace News: A Family was evicted for pictures that were posted on MySpace. People will just never learn that everyone sees things on MySpace. Be careful!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Saved By The Bell News, World Cup Soccer Tees

Remember Lisa Turtle from Saved By The Bell (real name is Lark Voorhies)? Probably not too well she was not as popular as some of the other characters. But if you did she has sued The National Enquirer (as everyone does) for articles they wrote stating she had a drug problem which she says is completely false. She claims she couldnt get jobs because of this.

Soccer Fever?

Many of you right now are in Soccer Heaven with the World Cup approaching in Germany. Most of you however could care less. We will definitely be watching some of these games, even though we feel as if they are sometimes as boring as watching a plant grow. If your lucky you get to see 3 goals in an entire game. However, the World Cup is a great atmosphere and you have to root for your team. Be sure to see our World Cup Soccer t-shirts and apparel. You can find our World Cup Tees here

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