Monday, June 26, 2006

Appropriate T-Shirt, Disney Couture Hoodies, Superman Returns

Check out this new Junk Food T-Shirt for sale at that we just got in. Many guys have been purchasing this t-shirt for their significant others. Not sure if thats such a good move, but thats for you to determine. It can be a funny gift or a nightmare waiting to happen. However this Junk Food Queen Bitch t-shirt is very cool with silver foil type print. Of course its printed on Junk Food's super comfortable vintage style t-shirts. Be sure to grab one of these soon as they are selling out quickly!

New Rock T-Shirts: First we must apologize. With all the new blockbuster movies being released this summer, along with tons of new cool vintage t-shirts that are available, we have been lacking in the rock t-shirts department. Rock t-shirts are our specialty so we will be getting back to them this week. There has been a ton of new ones that we have received so look for them shortly.

Disney Couture Hoodies and Thermals: Its sad to have to discuss this as July approaches, but its time to start thinking about fall fashion. The good news is that we will be receiving a ton of new hoodies including Disney Couture Hoodies this week. We will also have hoodies and thermals featuring Hello Kitty, Snoopy, and more!

Superman Returns Countdown: The wait is almost over. Superman Returns is in theatres this week. We were able to catch a premiere and its great! Definitely go see it!

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