Monday, June 12, 2006

Mr. Rodgers Breakdances, Entourage Application, Newlywed Game

Check out this clip of the late Mr. Rodgers learning to Breakdance from the 80s. Notice how he even wears his cardigan sweater when dancing.

You though Kelly Pickler was dumb? Check out this old Newlywed Game clip of a really dumb woman

Want to work for Ari Gold on Entourage? Click here to apply, Lloyd will set you up with an application. Be sure to admire the Warhol like picture of Ari in his office. Speaking of Entourage, is it too short or what. By the time you get into an episode its over. On the t-shirt side of Entourage we are still looking for Entourage t-shirts. There are tons of Let's Hug It Out t-shirts on the internet but we are still waiting HBO Entourage t-shirts..stay tuned.

Look for several new t-shirts to arrive this week including some really classic Willie Nelson t-shirts, new Office Space t-shirts and more!

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