Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Saved By The Bell News, World Cup Soccer Tees

Remember Lisa Turtle from Saved By The Bell (real name is Lark Voorhies)? Probably not too well she was not as popular as some of the other characters. But if you did she has sued The National Enquirer (as everyone does) for articles they wrote stating she had a drug problem which she says is completely false. She claims she couldnt get jobs because of this.

Soccer Fever?

Many of you right now are in Soccer Heaven with the World Cup approaching in Germany. Most of you however could care less. We will definitely be watching some of these games, even though we feel as if they are sometimes as boring as watching a plant grow. If your lucky you get to see 3 goals in an entire game. However, the World Cup is a great atmosphere and you have to root for your team. Be sure to see our World Cup Soccer t-shirts and apparel. You can find our World Cup Tees here

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