Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Snoop and Taylor Hicks, Screech Enters The T-Shirt World

We had to post this picture of Snoop Dogg and Taylor Hicks singing together. Definitely a little dose of opposites attract. The two apparently sang on stage in Taylors hometown in Alabama. They sang Snoop's Gin and Juice song. Taylor said that he admires Snoop for not only his music but for him being a family man. Be sure to see our Snoop Dogg T-Shirts here

Screech is now selling t-shirts to save his home! Yes Screech, the same little skinny kid from Saved By The Bell we all loved in the 90s. Apparently his fallen behind in mortgage payments and his stand up comedy gigs are not paying for the mortgage. He was on Howard Stern's show last week promoting his t-shirts. They actually are very cool t-shirts. You can see them here. Good luck Screech!

In new t-shirt news stay tuned for many new t-shirts this week including tons of new Junk Food T-Shirts, Misfits t-shirts, Danzig T-Shirts, Velvet Underground Tees, and more!

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