Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Reality TV, Pink Floyd Baseball Jersey, Football Already?

Think your an expert when it comes to reality TV? If so be sure to take the Reality TV quiz located here. We must admit three out of four of us that took this failed miserably and we all claim to watch alot of reality TV. Maybe there is too much reality TV?

Pink Floyd fans will love this new item just in! Check out the Pink Floyd Baseball Jersey pictured above. The jersey says Pink Floyd across the center and has the Dark Side of The Moon logo on the sleeve. Very cool new item that you can find here

Believe it or not football season is almost here! Training camp that is. Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we have some really cool new NFL Football t-shirts coming. These are brand new never before seen designs that you will love. Stay tuned...

Better Off Dead Quiz: We get tons of requests for Better Off Dead T-Shirts (yes the John Cusack movie from the 80s). Unfortunately, still no sign of them. However if you are craving Better Off Dead and do not want to watch it on TV again take the Better Off Dead Quiz

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