Monday, August 28, 2006

Disney Couture, Doe Mighty Fine, More New Tees

Good News for all you vintage t-shirt fans out there. Thatsmyshirt has just received over 25 new vintage style t-shirts in stock. Stay tuned as they will be posted on the site later this week. We are in the process of shooting another model shoot and once the pics come back they will be posted. Some of the t-shirts that will be on sale are Disney Couture t-shirts, Doe Mighty Fine, Ruby Gloom, French Kitty and more. Look for our new Doe section and Disney Couture Section. We also have many new McDonalds Vintage T-Shirts coming as well..stay tuned... in US Weekly this week. For those of you who get US Weekly Magazine take a look at us in the Shop a Thon. There is a 10% coupon code. For those of you who do not read it and want the coupon, we arent giving it out. We want to make everyone work a little for it. Just kidding..the code is US99 Enjoy!

If you havent already signed up for our mailing list, sign up. Starting in Septemember we will be sending tons of coupons and new release previews.

More Lindsay Complaints

Looks like more people are complaining about Lindsay Lohan's work ethic. Here is another story from actor William H Macy complaining about the actress. She just cant win anywhere.

In other entertainment news, Kevin Federline will be appearing on CSI episodes...why? Who knows.

In Fashion industry Flashbacks. Look what happened on todays date in 1995

Aug 28 1995

Calvin Klein withdraws an ad campaign after drawing wide criticism for mimicking the look and feel of child pornography. Although all the underwear models were legal adults, they appeared to be adolescents photographed in a sleazy motel room

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