Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Junk Food Batik Designs, US Magazine Coupon

More new Junk Food t-shirts have just arrived including several Batik designs. Pictured is the brand new Junk Food Superman Batik T-Shirt. It comes with a Junk Food Keychain. Many other Batik t-shirts are also available including Felix the Cat, The Beatles and others. Coming soon...Junk Food Hoodies and Yoga Pants.

Want to save some money while shopping at If so pick up next weeks US Weekly Magazine which goes on sale this Friday. There is a coupon code in it.

Thatsmyshirt included in Material Girls Swag Bag's products were included in the Material Girls swag bag that was given to both Hilary and Hailey Duff. The movie is now in theatres nationwide. The bag included very cool Junk Food t-shirts including a vintage Doors concert t-shirt and a Pretenders t-shirt as well as some Disney Couture t-shirts.

Halloween is coming! Look for our annual Halloween costume suggestion guide very soon. The guide gives many ideas on how a t-shirt can be made into a great costume

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