Monday, September 25, 2006

Rosie to Appear Topless on Nip Tuck? The Hoff's Daughter Attempts Suicide

Say it isnt so. One of our favorite tv shows is apparently going to let Rosie expose her chest on an episode.

Apparently David Hasselhoff's daughter attempted to commit suicide.

In T-Shirt News - Look for new Affliction Hoodies coming in this week

Superfriends T-Shirts

We get tons of requests in for Superfriends t-shirts. They are definitely hard to come by. Well we are pleased to announce that we have received a few in stock. You can view the one pictured above here Many more on the way.

Also coming are Super Hero hoodies including Green Lantern, Superman, Batman and more. Stay tuned...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Willie and Mushrooms

Timing is everything. Just as we are about to release several new Willie Nelson T-Shirts in our rock t-shirts section, Willie Nelson is in the news. What for you may ask? Willie and 4 others were arrested at a traffic stop for possession of drugs. Apparently there was a pound of marijuana and a bag of Psychadelic Mushrooms. Nelson has made no secret of his marijuana use and serves on the advisory board of The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

In T-Shirt news, look for new Affliction T-Shirts and Hoodies very soon as well as many new toddler t-shirts by NoStar. They are so cute!

As a follow up to our last post Dog The Bounty Hunter is going to speak out on his arrest tonight. A&E will be hosting a one hour special tonight entitled DOG: The Family Speaks.Be sure to see this

Friday, September 15, 2006

Fall T-Shirt Preview, Dog The Bounty Hunter Arrested

With fashion week either here or have just passed (depending on when you read this) its probably a good time to discuss Fall/Winter T-Shirt News. This year looks like the best year yet for new t-shirts. If you havent already seen some of the new Rocky T-Shirts be sure to check them out as well as new ones that will be posted shortly. Other 80s Tees also have been posted including Punky Brewster, ET, Sixteen Candles, Weird Science and more!

Also on the way: New Junk Food Tees! We are very excited about the new Junk Food Tees and Hoodies that are coming. Here are some of the new Junk Food Tees on the way

Bon Jovi, Sting, Beverly Hill 90210, Barney (yes the purple dinosaur), Little Miss T-Shirts (Little Miss Happy, Confused, etc), Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedys and many more!

With this all being said be sure to keep an eye out for our newsletter as we will be having some big closeout sales!

Say it isnt so. Duane Dog Chapman of the show Dog The Bounty Hunter was arrested on charges of illegal detention. Talk about role reversals.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Hugs and Kisses with Elmo, No Star Vintage Tees, September 11th

The new Junk Food Hoodies are in! This is a cute Elmo Military Hoodie. The Back of the Hoodie says Hugs N Kisses. Many other hoodies are in including some Rolling Stones Hoodies, Aerosmith, Superman and more. Look for many more on the way.

We are pleased to announce that we will now be carrying No Star vintage tees! For those of you not familiar with No Star you will be soon. They carry really cool vintage t-shirts for men, women and now kids! Be on the lookout for many new No Star tees this fall in our vintage t-shirt section

September 11th is a day we will never forget.

Sep 11 1991

Boxer Mike Tyson is arrested for raping Desiree Washington in an Indianapolis hotel room. After his conviction and three years spent behind bars, Tyson continues to maintain his innocence, telling one reporter: "I just hate her guts... I really wish I did now... now I really do want to rape her."

Probably not what you were thinking we were going to say, huh. Just wanted to keep everyone on their toes.

We need pictures!

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Halloween Costume Guide

Believe it not Halloween is just around the corner. Thatsmyshirt has posted a Halloween Costume Guide in our article section which may assist when looking for a costume. is a great place for all of you last minute costume searchers. This will be updated with new costume ideas so check back often. We are also giving away free t-shirts for the top three costumes we see pictures of that are made with our t-shirts. Send your pictures our way and win free tees!

New Rocky T-Shirts In Stock

Rocky Balboa is now just months away. While we will not know whether thats a good thing or a joke, we have great Rocky T-Shirts. These are all new models and include some classic Rocky characters like Apollo, Drago and Clubber. Stay tuned for even more which are on the way. Tons of other new 80s tees also coming

Monday, September 04, 2006

Crocodile Hunter Passes, New Junk Food Hoodies

The worlds most famous Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin was killed by a Stingray while filming off of the Great Barrier Reef. He passed doing what he loved. There are some gruesome details as to his death so if you really want to read them click here

The Hoodies Are Here, The Hoodies are Here

Summer is pretty much over and the hoodies are starting to roll in. We just received several new Hoodies and Yoga Pants from Junk Food including the following:

Curious George Rainbow Hoodie
Rolling Stones Shes a Rainbow Hoodie and Yoga Pants
Rolling Stones Military NYC Hoodie and Yoga Pants
Aerosmith Tour Hoodie

Many more on the way...

US Weekly Coupon Still In Effect

The US Weekly Magazine coupon is still in effect. So if you are looking to save 10% you can still use it during the month of September.