Friday, November 05, 2010

Our T-Shirt Model Contest and New Dates

It's very rare for any person or any company to own up and admit they made a mistake.  Well, we made a mistake.  We take full blame for what was poor planning of our T-Shirt model contest.  We didn't anticipate such a large demand in models wanting to enter this contest.  We didn't anticipate being overwhelmed with Halloween Costume orders and for some stupid reason we didn't realize that a model contest in the heart of winter would essentially elminate any model that deals with the brutal cold weather.  The holiday shopping rush has started and we want to be able to focus on that now and the model contest when its over.  This way we can post more updates on the contest including photos.  The extra time will also allow existing entrants to get videos created to help you get into the second round (hint, hint)  We are also hoping to get some sponsors for this contest so we could add to the prizes.

So we went back and made some changes to this contest.  The contest itself has not changed.  We just pushed the dates of each round out so that the winner would be announced on St. Patrick's Day!  We want to do our next big photo shoot when the weather is nicer so this will work well.  So be sure to check the model contest page for the new deadline dates.

We will update the contest from time to time and once January rolls in we will be updating it constantly with photos and videos of models who have entered the contest.

Speaking of models here is a photo from a model site that sends us photos from time to time.  Consider it an early Christmas present from us to all the guys out there.  It was technically a Halloween photo but better late than never

Speaking of Christmas, be sure to see our clearance section for tons of potential stocking stuffers.  We added a ton of new clearance items this week.

Also if you have not liked us on Facebook or Followed us on Twitter, you should.  We have been giving away free goodies every week on both social networks. 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Halloween Sale Starts Tomorrow - Popular Costumes - Current Giveaway

Hard to believe, but Halloween is just 3 weeks away!  Let the craziness begin.  To kick off the Halloween shopping season we have rolled out a sale to all newsletter subscribers.  If you are not on our newsletter, sign up at  On October 11th, 2010 (tomorrow) we will roll out our Halloween Kick Off Sale.  Take 15% off everything at including Halloween Costumes.  To take advantage of this sale enter 1010HALLOW at checkout.

Popular Costumes

Every year there are a few costumes that simply outsell the rest by far.  Based on the early bird Halloween shoppers, this year looks like the year of Snooki and Chucky and also a vibrator.  Huh?  Let us clarify.  The top three selling costumes at are the following.

3.  The Mens Good Vibrations Vibrator Costume - When we purchased this costume, our idea was for a funny costume that could be worn by some certain strange parties.  Apparently, everyone wants a vibrator costume for Halloween.  People seem to like it because it is definitely funny and its a simple one piece costume.  The other great part of this costume is your face is not covered.  Wearing masks on Halloween night can often be annoying. 

2.  The Jersey Shore Snooki Leopard Print Costume - This one we saw coming!  For some strange reason people love this cheesey TV Show and Snooki is a character nobody will ever forget.  The new season of Jersey Shore has been just as popular and the episode with t-shirt time has continued to me not want to ever wear a t-shirt again.

Add a Snooki Wig to this outfit and you could look just like Snooki.

 1.  The Child's Play Chucky Costume - Chucky is always a popular Halloween Costume.  Nothing has changed this year.

T-Shirt Giveaways:
We have been giving away tons of cool stuff on our Facebook Fan Page  and on Twitter over the last few weeks and the giveaways will continue.  Over the last few weeks we have given away T-Shirts. Hockey Tickets and gift certificates.  Currently the What Would Lloyd Do T-Shirt below is up for grabs.  See our Facebook Fan Page and Follow us on Twitter for details on how to win it!

Well thats all for now.  Stay tuned for our next post which will be an update on our T-Shirt Model Search Contest including some photos and videos that have been submitted.  There is still a little over a month left in round 1, so interested models should get your submissions in asap and if you submitted you can still add a video or videos to your submission.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Our T-Shirt Model Search Contest Has Officially Launched

It's Baaaaack! The annual T-Shirt Model Search Contest is back again and has officially launched. This year we have a great contest in place with great prizes. We even have prizes available for the guys! Head over to the official model contest page for details such as rules and prizes.

Get your submissions in now and remember no modeling experience is required.  Be sure to check our blog and our Facebook Fan Page for updates on the contest.  We are still looking for additional sponsors so if you want to contribute to our prizes, contact us.  This contest is always fun for the contestants, our fans, and for us so lets have fun with it. 

Be sure to see the official T-Shirt Model Search Contest video below:

New T-Shirts, Halloween Costumes, and Facebook Contests!

Well we are officially now in Fall and that generally means cool new t-shirts arrive in our warehouse. Generally you would think that more t-shirts would be released in the Spring so that people can wear them all Summer long but that is not the case in the wonderful world of t-shirts we work in. T-Shirt manufacturers release the bulk of their new t-shirts in the fall.   So be sure to check often, as we expect new t-shirts to arrive daily.

Halloween is just over a month away, say it isn't so.  Many of our Halloween costumes are now posted so be sure to check out our Halloween Costumes section and get your costumes early while they last.  The last thing you want to do is head to the local open for a few month Costume Stores that open up in every town.

If you have not been over to our Facebook Fan page lately you are missing out.  Each week we have great giveaways and run contests all the time.  You also get to see new releases and get exclusive coupons.  This week we ran a great contest that consisted of a t-shirt and 2 tickets to The Philadelphia Flyers vs. New York Islanders Hockey game in Philadelphia.  Congratulations Mary from NJ who won the contest beating out over 100 of our fans who claimed they were Flyers fans.  Look for more great giveaways all year long over on our Facebook page and if your a Twitter person follow us on Twitter because we also giveaway stuff there

Our Model Contest Search Video Announcer:
Last month we launched a great contest for video junkies out there.  The contest was to create a simple video explaining why the creator would be a great choice to create the video which will launch our annual T-Shirt Model Search.  We received several videos and gave away a few free t-shirts when they were submitted.  The winning video was submited by AJ Roach.  He did a great job incorporating his personality, video talents, our t-shirts, and of course his interest for the A-Team.  His winning video is below and look for his Model Search Contest Video this week which will be on the model contest page.

Saturday, August 21, 2010 Fall Model Contest Starting Soon - Enter the Model Launch Video Contest

This fall we will be launching our 2nd annual Model Search Contest.  We are casting for our next Model.  We did this last year exclusively on Facebook and it worked out very well.  This year we decided to make the contest even larger with larger cash prizes, merchandise and possibly other merchandise or services from sponsors.

This year we decided to launch a pre-contest that involves everyone and will provide the framework for our Model Search Contest.  So here is what we are doing:

We need 1 person to make a video for our model contest page which will tell the world about Thatsmyshirt and about our contest.  The contest itself will be for women only, but the precontest is open to everyone!

Here is what you do to enter.  Make a short video clip about and why you should be our contest promoter.  We will leave the video up to you.  We are looking for creative and fun videos.  Once you create the video upload it to YouTube with the title "My Entry to be the Model Search Contest Announcer"  Once you upload the video post the link to it on our Facebook Page  We will then select a winner based on our fans comments and our personal favorite.

If you win we will send you a script which you can use to do the formal Model Search Contest.  Of course you can add and enhance our script to make it your own.  Oh the prizes.  The winner of this contest will receive $200 in cash and $100 in merchandise.

So simply create a video and post it to YouTube and consider yourself in the running.  And if your a model you can also enter the model contest which will start in a few weeks.  Not giving it away yet, but the prizes are bigger!  If you have any questions about this contest send us an email at   Good luck to everyone!

As a follow up below is an example video that one of our followers Roach sent in.  He went the creative video edit approach which can work well.  We have many models who also are going to be submitting.  By the way Roach, the models may not like them, but we loved the A-Team Sheets!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nothing Like Some Clearance T-Shirts

Everyone loves cheap t-shirts. It's just a fact. T-Shirts are meant to be cheap, that is why we wear them. They are not suits, sweaters, or in any way shape or form intended to be formal. Unforunately, cotton prices have increased and premium style t-shirts have come about which has driven up prices. At we still offer a ton of t-shirts at low prices. Our clearance section is stocked up for fall with t-shirts as low as $3. Be sure to check out our Clearance section if you have not already.
We also just added any new Kellogg's t-shirts featuring your favorite Kellogg's cereal characters like Tony the Tiger and Toucan Sam.  Coming this month are Curb Your Enthusiasm T-Shirts, True Blood T-Shirts and other tv and movie t-shirts. 

Blog Contests - We are continuing are t-shirt giveaways with blogs.  If you run a popular blog and want to advertise a free t-shirt on your site let us know and we can set up a contest for your readers.

Monday, July 05, 2010

New Version of Old Favorite Sesame Street T-Shirts Now in Stock

Over the last few years The Sesame Street Big Face T-Shirts have been our most popular Sesame Street T-Shirts at  There are new versions of these favorite tees in stock now.  You can view the new style here.  We also carry Elmo and Oscar T-Shirts in the same style.  It's good to say that our fans favorites are being updated and we approve of this new design.  Makes a great costume!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Where to Get Rock Star T-shirts

These days, more and more young musicians want to be rock stars. They want to live the lives with all the luxuries that only rock stars can enjoy all at the same time-girls, fun, party, fame, and booze. These are things that you have been dreaming of since you started to learn how to play the guitar and when you first performed in front of an audience. Rock and roll lifestyle has that hypnotic pull among people.

What you can do is to start at the very simple things, such as getting that rock star look. Rock stars are fashionable. They have their own trademarks and signature styles that make women love them and men admire them. if you want to be a rock star, you have to live like one. And what better way to start living like a rock star than to look and dress like in rock star clothes. But if you are still clueless on where you can get rock star clothing, you can get ideas from the following list.

o Online shops like ThatsMyShirt, sell unique clothes and other clothes, used or new, should be your first stop. You can buy clothes that are very unique and one of a kind in reasonable prices. It is also very convenient because you can shop at home, especially if you are busy with your gigs, practice, or other activities. You should prepare a shipment fee. You can buy costumes, wigs, regular tees and jeans, shoes, and other rock star paraphernalia that you can imagine.
Be a Rockstar! Shop at, .

Keep Rock and Roll Alive

Is Rock and Roll destined to go the way of Big Band music - a quaint but dated genre appreciated only by a certain generation? Rock and roll fans answer that question with an emphatic "No way!" and are determined to promote and encourage both famous rock bands and unsigned bands.

Whether they're into punk music, grunge bands, vintage music, or hard rock and roll music, fans want more from their favorites and want to hear the voices of new, unsigned bands. They show their appreciation by wearing rock and roll T-shirts or their favorite band T-shirts, and by displaying rock music posters, rock concert posters and other band posters on their walls.

Rock and roll fans are even using social networking websites to discover and discuss the new talent that's emerging from unsigned bands. Web portals are springing up that direct fans to unsigned bands' websites and that promote unsigned rock bands' CDs and merchandise.

If you're a member of an unsigned band, there are a number of ways you can get noticed and create buzz - which could lead to a lucrative recording contract. The first thing you need to do is create a CD that contains at least three original songs. The songs should accurately reflect your band's style and voice. That means booking some studio time, but its well worth it to have your music heard by hundreds of thousands of potential fans.

Next, write up a biography of your band. Make the text enticing, and talk about your music, your musical influences, and each of your band members. Your biography doesn't have to be long, but it does have to grab the reader's attention.

After that, it's time for a good band photo. If you don’t have the money to hire a professional photographer, find a good amateur with a digital camera. If a studio shot is out of the question, consider an outdoors shot in a venue that reflects your band's musical style. Use your imagination and try out different poses, different clothes, and different backgrounds. With a digital camera, you can literally take hundreds of photos, which will ultimately give you a greater choice.
Once you have your band biography, your CD, and your band photo, and seek out a Web portal that specifically promotes unsigned rock and roll bands. You can use their web site to promote your own web site, your CD, and any band merchandise you might have. Good luck - rock on!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Reasons to Buy Funny T-Shirts Online

Changes are mandatory in everyone's lifestyle. Many want their lifestyle to be different from others, this includes fashion too. The clothes a person wears will certainly judge a person's character. Some may be interested in unique style and this article is to promote such thinking.

Almost all the youngsters and geeks need some cool and funny T-shirts to wear when they go out. Nowadays all the high street stores stick to the same safe designs with a standard price range. It is increasingly difficult to find any good new brands and designs with some funny or innovative message in most of the malls. So, the alternative is to go for online purchase where you can browse designs of your choice at great prices.

Many clothing companies aim in providing a better and different design with no compromise in quality. The increasing number of online brands means that it is inevitable that you can find T-Shirt designs that will appeal to you. So, if you are planning to spend some money in buying clothes you should spend the time to browse online for a better and more personal design.

In the present market, high street stores that make their money through volume of T-Shirt sales are old news. For cheaper prices, you can get better quality and cooler T-Shirts at online stores where you don't have to pay for the price of rent and marketing absorbed in the T-Shirt price.

Now online stores are available for every interest and trend. This gives the power to the customers to select a better and creative design. Their lower print runs mean that there is small chance of wearing the same T-Shirt as someone across the street. Their lower overheads mean that they can sell similar quality T-Shirts for less. The sheer number of online T-Shirt Designers means that if you look hard enough, you'll find something that you'll love and represents you.

Why Funny T Shirts Are Brilliant For Men

When it comes to clothes, the majority of men will just throw on whatever is closest to them and the most comfortable. This is because men like convenience in their lives and would rather not fuss about what they are going to wear.

There is one exception. One of the most popular fashion tops for men is funny t shirts. This is because guys love to show their funny side and they are able to do that without even talking when they wear a t shirt with a funny phrase or graphic. Because they are t shirts, they meet the comfort requirement as well.

Men differ from women in the realm of fashion. Both men and women know this - which is why most men prefer to shop alone. Men know what they like when it comes to clothing and they do not want a woman to change their style sense. Because of this independence, funny t shirts are great for men.

They send the desired message that they are laid back and do not really care about fashion. They would rather be comfortable and funny than stuffy and polished.
Another reason why funny t shirts are a great addition to men’s' wardrobes is because of their versatility. Because they are t shirts, they can be worn with almost anything and can be worn almost anytime and anywhere. Men can dress down in them and wear the shirts to the gym or when they are outside playing sports with their friends. They also can wear these statement shirts with a nice pair of jeans and a jacket for a more dressed-up look.

Because it is a cotton t shirt, guys still will feel comfortable with a blazer over top. Men can also wear the tops when they are going about town running errands.
Funny t shirts are great for guys of all ages because they have so many different uses. Teenagers can wear them to let their friends at school know they have a sense of humor while adults can wear them to show they still are laid back and are easy to talk to.

They also come in a variety of different styles, so they will work well regardless of your sense of humor.

If you are a man who does not really care about what you wear but still like to make a statement of some sort, consider making these funny shirts your next fashion purchase

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Super Hero Poll

So Super Hero T-Shirts seem to officially be the t-shirts people want this month. Not sure why. All we know is it means we need to restock and add new Super Hero T-Shirts. We are looking for some input from our readers and customers. Below and on the right hand side of any page of is a poll we have launched. We are looking to see who is the favorite super hero of our readers. Should be interesting. Feel free to select other and add the name of your Super Hero if none on our list are your favorite.

As a guide here is a link to our Super Hero T-Shirts section