Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nothing Like Some Clearance T-Shirts

Everyone loves cheap t-shirts. It's just a fact. T-Shirts are meant to be cheap, that is why we wear them. They are not suits, sweaters, or in any way shape or form intended to be formal. Unforunately, cotton prices have increased and premium style t-shirts have come about which has driven up prices. At we still offer a ton of t-shirts at low prices. Our clearance section is stocked up for fall with t-shirts as low as $3. Be sure to check out our Clearance section if you have not already.
We also just added any new Kellogg's t-shirts featuring your favorite Kellogg's cereal characters like Tony the Tiger and Toucan Sam.  Coming this month are Curb Your Enthusiasm T-Shirts, True Blood T-Shirts and other tv and movie t-shirts. 

Blog Contests - We are continuing are t-shirt giveaways with blogs.  If you run a popular blog and want to advertise a free t-shirt on your site let us know and we can set up a contest for your readers.

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