Saturday, August 21, 2010 Fall Model Contest Starting Soon - Enter the Model Launch Video Contest

This fall we will be launching our 2nd annual Model Search Contest.  We are casting for our next Model.  We did this last year exclusively on Facebook and it worked out very well.  This year we decided to make the contest even larger with larger cash prizes, merchandise and possibly other merchandise or services from sponsors.

This year we decided to launch a pre-contest that involves everyone and will provide the framework for our Model Search Contest.  So here is what we are doing:

We need 1 person to make a video for our model contest page which will tell the world about Thatsmyshirt and about our contest.  The contest itself will be for women only, but the precontest is open to everyone!

Here is what you do to enter.  Make a short video clip about and why you should be our contest promoter.  We will leave the video up to you.  We are looking for creative and fun videos.  Once you create the video upload it to YouTube with the title "My Entry to be the Model Search Contest Announcer"  Once you upload the video post the link to it on our Facebook Page  We will then select a winner based on our fans comments and our personal favorite.

If you win we will send you a script which you can use to do the formal Model Search Contest.  Of course you can add and enhance our script to make it your own.  Oh the prizes.  The winner of this contest will receive $200 in cash and $100 in merchandise.

So simply create a video and post it to YouTube and consider yourself in the running.  And if your a model you can also enter the model contest which will start in a few weeks.  Not giving it away yet, but the prizes are bigger!  If you have any questions about this contest send us an email at   Good luck to everyone!

As a follow up below is an example video that one of our followers Roach sent in.  He went the creative video edit approach which can work well.  We have many models who also are going to be submitting.  By the way Roach, the models may not like them, but we loved the A-Team Sheets!

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