Thursday, September 23, 2010

Our T-Shirt Model Search Contest Has Officially Launched

It's Baaaaack! The annual T-Shirt Model Search Contest is back again and has officially launched. This year we have a great contest in place with great prizes. We even have prizes available for the guys! Head over to the official model contest page for details such as rules and prizes.

Get your submissions in now and remember no modeling experience is required.  Be sure to check our blog and our Facebook Fan Page for updates on the contest.  We are still looking for additional sponsors so if you want to contribute to our prizes, contact us.  This contest is always fun for the contestants, our fans, and for us so lets have fun with it. 

Be sure to see the official T-Shirt Model Search Contest video below:

New T-Shirts, Halloween Costumes, and Facebook Contests!

Well we are officially now in Fall and that generally means cool new t-shirts arrive in our warehouse. Generally you would think that more t-shirts would be released in the Spring so that people can wear them all Summer long but that is not the case in the wonderful world of t-shirts we work in. T-Shirt manufacturers release the bulk of their new t-shirts in the fall.   So be sure to check often, as we expect new t-shirts to arrive daily.

Halloween is just over a month away, say it isn't so.  Many of our Halloween costumes are now posted so be sure to check out our Halloween Costumes section and get your costumes early while they last.  The last thing you want to do is head to the local open for a few month Costume Stores that open up in every town.

If you have not been over to our Facebook Fan page lately you are missing out.  Each week we have great giveaways and run contests all the time.  You also get to see new releases and get exclusive coupons.  This week we ran a great contest that consisted of a t-shirt and 2 tickets to The Philadelphia Flyers vs. New York Islanders Hockey game in Philadelphia.  Congratulations Mary from NJ who won the contest beating out over 100 of our fans who claimed they were Flyers fans.  Look for more great giveaways all year long over on our Facebook page and if your a Twitter person follow us on Twitter because we also giveaway stuff there

Our Model Contest Search Video Announcer:
Last month we launched a great contest for video junkies out there.  The contest was to create a simple video explaining why the creator would be a great choice to create the video which will launch our annual T-Shirt Model Search.  We received several videos and gave away a few free t-shirts when they were submitted.  The winning video was submited by AJ Roach.  He did a great job incorporating his personality, video talents, our t-shirts, and of course his interest for the A-Team.  His winning video is below and look for his Model Search Contest Video this week which will be on the model contest page.