Sunday, October 10, 2010

Halloween Sale Starts Tomorrow - Popular Costumes - Current Giveaway

Hard to believe, but Halloween is just 3 weeks away!  Let the craziness begin.  To kick off the Halloween shopping season we have rolled out a sale to all newsletter subscribers.  If you are not on our newsletter, sign up at  On October 11th, 2010 (tomorrow) we will roll out our Halloween Kick Off Sale.  Take 15% off everything at including Halloween Costumes.  To take advantage of this sale enter 1010HALLOW at checkout.

Popular Costumes

Every year there are a few costumes that simply outsell the rest by far.  Based on the early bird Halloween shoppers, this year looks like the year of Snooki and Chucky and also a vibrator.  Huh?  Let us clarify.  The top three selling costumes at are the following.

3.  The Mens Good Vibrations Vibrator Costume - When we purchased this costume, our idea was for a funny costume that could be worn by some certain strange parties.  Apparently, everyone wants a vibrator costume for Halloween.  People seem to like it because it is definitely funny and its a simple one piece costume.  The other great part of this costume is your face is not covered.  Wearing masks on Halloween night can often be annoying. 

2.  The Jersey Shore Snooki Leopard Print Costume - This one we saw coming!  For some strange reason people love this cheesey TV Show and Snooki is a character nobody will ever forget.  The new season of Jersey Shore has been just as popular and the episode with t-shirt time has continued to me not want to ever wear a t-shirt again.

Add a Snooki Wig to this outfit and you could look just like Snooki.

 1.  The Child's Play Chucky Costume - Chucky is always a popular Halloween Costume.  Nothing has changed this year.

T-Shirt Giveaways:
We have been giving away tons of cool stuff on our Facebook Fan Page  and on Twitter over the last few weeks and the giveaways will continue.  Over the last few weeks we have given away T-Shirts. Hockey Tickets and gift certificates.  Currently the What Would Lloyd Do T-Shirt below is up for grabs.  See our Facebook Fan Page and Follow us on Twitter for details on how to win it!

Well thats all for now.  Stay tuned for our next post which will be an update on our T-Shirt Model Search Contest including some photos and videos that have been submitted.  There is still a little over a month left in round 1, so interested models should get your submissions in asap and if you submitted you can still add a video or videos to your submission.

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