Friday, November 05, 2010

Our T-Shirt Model Contest and New Dates

It's very rare for any person or any company to own up and admit they made a mistake.  Well, we made a mistake.  We take full blame for what was poor planning of our T-Shirt model contest.  We didn't anticipate such a large demand in models wanting to enter this contest.  We didn't anticipate being overwhelmed with Halloween Costume orders and for some stupid reason we didn't realize that a model contest in the heart of winter would essentially elminate any model that deals with the brutal cold weather.  The holiday shopping rush has started and we want to be able to focus on that now and the model contest when its over.  This way we can post more updates on the contest including photos.  The extra time will also allow existing entrants to get videos created to help you get into the second round (hint, hint)  We are also hoping to get some sponsors for this contest so we could add to the prizes.

So we went back and made some changes to this contest.  The contest itself has not changed.  We just pushed the dates of each round out so that the winner would be announced on St. Patrick's Day!  We want to do our next big photo shoot when the weather is nicer so this will work well.  So be sure to check the model contest page for the new deadline dates.

We will update the contest from time to time and once January rolls in we will be updating it constantly with photos and videos of models who have entered the contest.

Speaking of models here is a photo from a model site that sends us photos from time to time.  Consider it an early Christmas present from us to all the guys out there.  It was technically a Halloween photo but better late than never

Speaking of Christmas, be sure to see our clearance section for tons of potential stocking stuffers.  We added a ton of new clearance items this week.

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