Saturday, October 22, 2011

Reasons Why Bowling Is the Greatest Sport Ever

Reasons Why Bowling Is the Greatest Sport Ever

Bowling vs. Basketball: You can't drink beer while playing basketball, you'd spill it all over the court. Basketball requires constant motion, but bowling requires almost constant sitting. Plus you can eat anything from wings to soup, no problem, the waitress at the bowling alley will bring you what you want.

Bowling vs. Football: Sure, football is manly, but it isn't fashionable. You can't look good in all those pads. Bowling, on the other hand, has its own shirt. While jerseys are baggy and ill-fitting without the pads, bowling shirts are perfect for your average strip club.

Bowling vs. Baseball: While baseball is almost as old as bowling, it's traditions have left it only slightly more exciting than golf. Bowling has an intensity you just don't get with your average baseball game. Maybe, if like bowling, all the players drank beer that would help.

Bowling vs. Hockey: Hockey is probably the most manly of sports, but let's face it, the players look like they've been hit in the face with hockey pucks and most of them have. And while bowlers may be over weight, they have a calm, collective cool that is both fashionable and something you'd want your kid to emulate.

Bowling vs. the Olympics: Sure the Olympics are a worldwide spectacle of athletic prowess, but it's a lot of work. Besides, you don't have to go all the way to China to bowl a few frames. You can get the same kind of epic competition at the nearest alley.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What Your Halloween Costumes Says About You

What Your Halloween Costumes Says About You

Costumes are a window into the soul or at least a window into how much someone will spend on one drunken night of apple bobbing. Halloween is around the corner, so know the signs.

Costume: 80's Party Girl
Who Wears It: Some chick too young to remember the 80's.
Why She Wears It: She likes 80's music because to her, it's baby music. Plus, she can dress like a slut, have a one-night stand and blame on the costume.

Costume: Mr. Bill Costume
Who Wears It: Some dude old enough to remember Mr. Bill.
Why He Wears It: This is the oldest guy that got invited to your party and he'd like everyone to forget that. Since his wife divorced him, it's hard for him to get laid. He'll spend most of the night talking the 80's Party Girl until he takes his mask off to drink a beer.

Costume: Sexy Girl Scout Uniform
Who Wears It: The normally uptight, hot chick.
Why He Wears It: The uptight hot chick is looking amazing in this outfit, but she plans to dump most of it on the floor of some guy's apartment after a wild night that she'll later deny. Her hormones and religious guilt keep her bipolar disorder and mood swings rattling around at a good clip.

Costume: Kiss My Irish Ass
Who Wears It: The drunkest guy at the party.
Why He Wears It: He was planning on coming to the party, getting wasted and making an ass out of himself anyway. With this costume, he figures that no one will be surprised when he's found passed out in a bathtub of vomit.

Costume: Bacon and Eggs
Who Wears It: That annoying couple that does everything together.
Why He Wears It: This couple might as well have themselves sewn together like some kind of demented human centipede. Could they be any more disgustingly cute? Their constant PDA will put you off breakfast for weeks to come.

Costume: Borat Mankini Costume
Who Wears It: The guy that thinks he's hilarious.
Why He Wears It: The office clown missed the memo that repeating catchphrases from movies that everyone is over isn't clever. His Borat would've been funny two years ago and his constant threats to go to an open mic night are starting to wear thin.

Costume: Boba Fett
Who Wears It: The geek
Why He Wears It: Sadly, your geeky friend already owned this costume. In fact, he sometimes wears it on the weekend at comic book conventions. He'll take this opportunity to geek out all over the party. Maybe the Sexy Girl Scout could finally make him a man.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

What Your Candy Says About You

What Your Candy Says About You

Candy. That delicious sugary treat, not that stripper from that place out on the highway. It says a lot about you and not just about your diabetes. Candy sends a message and that message is, "You're fat, stop eating me." But there's another, deeper, more nuanced message that you should know.

Mr. Goodbar: The yellow wrapper says, "Stop, I'm scared", but the "mister" part demands respect. Therefore, it says you're a respectable coward. A person that runs away during a fight, but in an extremely dignified manner.
Twizzlers: Obviously, with a catch phrase like "Make mouths happy", you've got quite the oral fixation if you're popping the red vines. We're not saying you might be a slut, we are saying that you are definitely a slut. Charms Blow Pop: And speaking of oral fixations, Charms is a candy of seduction, but it's also a candy of surprise. Like the candy, you have a hard exterior, but inside you're soft and gooey. Probably because you're internal organs are there. Tootsie Pop: Some say that as a Tootsie Pop person, you're not full of chocolate, but something else that's brown and soft. Like the pop, you're a mystery to get inside. How many licks does it take? It probably depends on how horny you are that day.
Nerds: Well, you need something to eat while surfing the Internet and quite frankly, any sugary substance will do. Like you, this candy is a little too on the nose with your description poindexter.
Pixie Stix: You are a flighty sprite, dancing in the field. Probably because you just ate a straw full of colored sugar. Why don't you just eat it straight from the sugar bag, "Diabetic Debbie"? The heroin of all candy, Pixie Stix say "I really don't give a crap what I put into my body."

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

How to Invest in the United States of America - T Shirt Edition

How to Invest in the United States of America

Straight Talk - Stock Market by senatork

Step 1: Get a lot of money, preferable money you don’t need.

Step 2: Invest in dollars or stock tied to the U.S. dollar to make sure your investments are tied directly to the economic future of the United States.

Step 3: Ignore stock advice from CNBC, the Wall Street Journal, Goldman Sachs and especially the S&P people.

Step 4: Sing “America the Beautiful” with feeling.

Step 5: Stare dumbfounded as your stocks plummet.

Step 6: Trade what’s left for a sandwich.

Step 7: Tell all your buddies around the oil drum fire what a big wig you used to be.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Five People You’ll Meet in a Disaster

Five People You’ll Meet in a Disaster

Disasters are everywhere and we’re not just talking about the ones that get elected to Congress. At any time or any place, something can go so wrong that you’ll end up in the hospital as news crews descend upon you like a plague of ravenous locusts. Here now are five people you’re likely to meet when the sh*t hits the fan.

5: Takey McCharge: When disaster strikes, this guy immediately elects himself president, skipper, head hancho. Takey starts barking orders at everyone, even when he doesn’t know what to do. The important thing is, he THINKS he knows what to do. Unfortunately, Takey’s just scared and you following his every whim makes him feel better. Even if you’re stocking up on food while the zombies burst in.

4: Ulysses S. Deadweightenstein: Ulysses has plenty of skills, unfortunately now that the damn has broke and the flood waters are here, I.T. management isn’t needed. Flailing about trying to do something just to feel safer, he does more damage that if he stayed put. Eventually, you’ll be force to give him busy jobs just to keep him out of the way. Fortunately, he’s likely to get himself killed and really put himself out of the way, before he actually listens to you.

3: Captain Panic: The good captain is so gripped by fear, he babbles nonsense in between randomly screaming, “We’re all gonna die!” The Captain is no good under pressure and snaps at anyone that tries to tell him something useful. He’s the guy you’ll end up slapping and saying stuff like, “Get a hold of yourself!” or “Dammit, man! There are women and children to save!” Mighty Mouse, he is not.

2: Jimmy Hoarder: Jimmy is already playing the angle of this disaster. Rather than help anyone out, he’s helping himself by hoarding important resources. Taking advantage of people’s panic, he’s charging $10 for a can of tuna and $20 for a can of soup. He’d better trade up for a few guns and some ammo before the next angry fat person bites his face off.

1: Hero DeathWishson: Hero has watched too many movies and read too many comics. Coming equipped with a vampire hunting kit “just in case”, the actual people looking to save you tolerate him and try not to roll their eyes too much. Sadly, his overconfidence will lead him to go outside during the eye of the hurricane or to attempt to fight the terrorists all by himself.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Five People You’ll Meet at the Movies

Five People You’ll Meet at the Movies

Going to the movies isn’t like it was in the past. Before, it was a night out to a nice place for some nice entertainment. Now it’s like inviting 200 people into your living room and wishing they’d shut the Hell up. Here now are five people you’ll meet in the movies.

5. Munchy McMunch: Munchy won’t be happy until he manages to jam every conceivable snack onto a box lid. I mean, is he even aware that those hotdogs contain no meat and have been cooking since the theater snack bar opened? For the money he’s spending on snacks, he could stuff himself with sushi before he even arrived.

4: Mr. Clickity-Click: Mr. C has come to the movies, but spends all the time clicking the buttons on his phone. He’s tweeting, IM’ing, checking Facebook and generally doing anything except watching the movie. Invariably, about halfway through the movie he’s forced to turn to his friend and ask what’s happening in the story.

3. Mr. & Mrs. Can’t-Stay-Home: This couple feels compelled to bring their baby EVERYWHERE. It’s bad enough you ruined dinner at a nice restaurant. Now you had to bring your kid to X-men: First Class? Seriously? What’s wrong with you? Babies can’t understand movies. Get Netflix and then get the Hell out.

2. Chatty Chatterson: Oh, great, talking. That’ just what you paid $12 dollars to listen to, some guy in the seat in front of you talking ABOUT the movie. His friends are trapped listening to him drone on for two hours. Can’t you just shut up so we can all hear Bruce Willis kill bad guys?!

1: Trashman CheapDouche: This guy has a lot in common with Munchy, except he was at least smart enough to hit the mini-mart before he came. Smuggling in too much food under his jacket, he now proceeds to eat it all, while dumping the wrappers everywhere. Way to make those ushers earn their keep Trashman, you lazy bastard.

You can view all our movie t-shirts and come up with your own people that you generally meet at the movies here.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sports T-Shirts and Five Kinds of Sports Fans

Five Kinds of Sports Fans

While looking at the different sports t-shirts we carry and looking for unique, funny, local sports t-shirts to sell from different cities this article on sports fans came about.

5: The Detroit Fan: Detroit fans have a never-say-die attitude, which is good, because their sports team usually die on the field. Whether it’s the Pistons trying to keep the second half from turning into a blowout or the Tigers trying to competently make it the 9th inning without losing in double digits, Detroit fans are full of hope. They have to be. It’s not like their city is full of championship rings or trophies.

4: The New York Fan: Smug and superior, the New York sports fan never knows the pain of his team not being able to afford to buy a championship. At this point, it’s almost boring when the Yankees win and doubly embarrassing when they lose. Fortunately, there are always Mets and Jets fans to remind New Yorkers that their sports teams can always sink to the bottom.

3: The Atlanta Fan: Rife with amazingly polite homeless people, Atlanta fans take pride in their sports teams. Sure, their backwood, hillbilly lifestyle makes it hard for them to afford the high priced, high-falootin’ sports tickets, but after someone reads the streets signs for them, they find the stadiums fast enough to see the game.

2: The California Fan: Sadly, all they know is Lakers basketball and one has to wonder what will happen when they no longer have a 20-foot giant on the team that has to bend down to drop the ball in the hoop. Perhaps, in the future, Los Angeles will discover that they actually have other sports in their city. Then again, why bother to go when you can legally smoke medical marijuana?

1: The Philadelphia Fan: Drunk, belligerent and full of riot juice, the average Philadelphia sports fan is obnoxious, the city once proposed “muzzle day” for one of the Phillies home games. There’s a reason the pretzels are sold soft in Philadelphia, so they don’t hurt anyone when they are hurled onto the sports field. Any town that booed Santa, would pretty much boo its own mother.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Thor vs. Iron Man - The T-Shirts

Thor vs. Iron Man - The T-Shirts

Marvel comics is cranking out the comic book movies these days, but which character makes the best T-shirt? This week we match up the Thor and Iron Man movies!

Quotes: Robert Downey Jr. makes a suave and dashing Tony Stark. Nothing was more exciting than to watch him build an Iron Man suit just to escape his hostage takers. But even after two movies, Tony is still kind of a jerk. “I want one,” was a funny line, but it doesn’t translate to a T-shirt. Thor, on the other hand, is always spouting out. What does he care? He’s a god!
Winner: Thor

Timeliness: While Thor is a timeless classic that goes back hundreds of years, he’s always been a bit dated. Iron Man, on the other hand, has always been about the edge of technology, not only in regard to pants, but the rest of your clothes too. Thor is just never going to have rocket pants.
Winner: Iron Man

Design: Again, Thor’s design is classic, if you live in the 9th century. Unfortunately, most movie goers would rather wear a superhero t-shirt than 60 lbs of chain mail. The Iron Man suit, however, augments your strength, so it doesn’t really matter how heavy it is. Plus, its temperature controlled so you can make it to that date in style. Of course, for most comic book fans, that isn’t really an issue.
Winner: Iron Man

Characters: Tony Stark has a good balance of genius and weakness, but Thor is like a frat boy with a magic hammer. What other character is going to chug a flagon of mead and beat down a dragon drunk? That’s badass.
Winner: Thor

Once again, it’s another close call, but I have to give it to Thor. You get the best mix of superhero and fantasy all in one character.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Five Family Guy Characters That Make Terrible Dates

Five Family Guy Characters That Make Terrible Dates
Written by Tony DiGerolamo
Copyright 2011

While browsing our Family Guy T-Shirts section and talking to a friend who went on a terrible date this past weekend, this post evolved.

5: Peter: Any guy that poops his pants as much as Peter is just a date disaster waiting to happen. And how can you expect to get through dinner with all those flashbacks? He looks good on t-shirts however.

4: Chris: Chris is not only stupid, he’s got stupid guy strength which you need to watch out for. Sure, you can distract him with a jingle of keys, but he’s a danger to himself and others.

3: Brian: Brian’s got more baggage than a Paris Hilton private plane. A dog that couldn’t talk would probably have an easier time with dates and relationships. It’s always a soap opera with this guy.

2: Quagmire: Do you really want to date a guy that a regular spot at the STD clinic? This guy is so full of disease, the CDC wants to study his penis. He’s gross, you get the idea.

1: Stewie: Stewie is just messed up. His genius intellect mixed with his sexual confusion means your date is going to be just as messed up. Plus, he’s a baby. Are you sick? You can’t date a baby.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Top Ten Sport Videos

Top Ten Sport Videos
Written by Tony DiGerolamo
Copyright 2011

Sport. The most competitive thing man has invented other than competition. It drives some men to build their bodies up so they can get maximum performance. For everyone else, it drives them to sit for two hours, eating nachos and beers and cursing at the TV screen. Here now are ten videos celebrating sport in all its glory.

10: Maybe if the Denver Broncos celebrated like this, they’d score more touchdowns. I always liked the Denver Broncos t-shirts though.

9: Would you rather pitch a perfect game like the Phillies did or pitch like this guy?

8: This fan either really hates this hockey player or really likes him.

7: Basketball requires a great deal of balance, just not here.

6: Is this guy playing soccer or hockey?

5: These guys might be the Japanese version of the Detroit Tigers.

4: I think “la cabasa” means “very awkward pass”.

3: Like ninjas, hockey players must be prepared from an attack in any direction.

2: Wow, his kid could start with the Mets.

1: This guy could really use a sports t-shirt.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Top Ten True Superhero Moments

Top Ten True Superhero Moments
Written by Tony DiGerolamo
Copyright 2011

What makes a hero? Radioactive spiders? Escaping an exploding planet? Punching a guy until he gives back the purse? Whatever it is, if he isn’t on s Super Hero T-shirt, he’s nothing.

10: How to Know if You’re a Superhero: Plus, you gotta be able to wear tights.

9: How Superman Should’ve Ended: This is why Supes has the best t-shirts.

8: Lex Luthor has his moments.

7: Finally! A chance for Aquaman to shine!

6: Now that you mention it, Batman is kind of a jerk.

5: Batman’s training doesn’t always go as planned. Just because you have a superhero t-shirt, doesn’t mean you have the powers.

4: Batman plays football.

3: How Iron Man should’ve ended.

2: Superman Wins! (He always wins.)

1: Batman at his best.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Top Ten Gamer Moments

Top Ten Gamer Moments
Written by Tony DiGerolamo
Copyright 2011

Video games are like candy for your brain. They’re delicious, but if you have too much they can rot things. Then you’ll be unable to type the pgoaiga;b afjadfj ad;gh g&34 hadsgryfglhgjhglhasd!

10: A gamer’s worst nightmare. Although, this guy isn’t wearing a video game t-shirt, so is he really a gamer?

9: That’s just the kind of mercy my opponents show me in Halo.

8: It’s a good think Bob is playing golf and not Angry Birds. It’s way more relaxing.

7: Sniping requires patience and clenched buttocks.

6: With the collapse of the dollar, we’ll all soon be spending Mario coins to buy food.

5: Wii Fit makes the mundane possible. You’d probably get more of a workout playing Dragon’s Lair.

4: If only he hit the keys harder. He would’ve won.

3: It’s a good thing he was playing this game and not Pac Man. He’d just end up back on the other side of the screen when he drove off.

2: This mom is definitely not going to buy him this video game shirt.

1: A reason not to take your controller everywhere. This never would’ve happened if they had played Donkey Kong.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Top Ten Funniest Beer Commercials

The Top Ten Funniest Beer Commercials
Written by Tony DiGerolamo
Copyright 2011

Whether you drink Dosequis or you are still wearing a distressed Schaefer beer t-shirt, everyone loves a good beer and a good beer commercial.  It's too bad that their aren't that many funny beer t-shirts.  If only the t-shirts matched the funny commercials.  I still miss the Bud Ice Doobie Doobie Doo Penguin t-shirts that we once had.  We have tons of cool Beer t-shirts, just not very many funny beer tees.

10: Guinness: It’s the sort of beer you should share.

9: Tuborg Glasses: Apparently in Denmark the women require more alcohol.

8: Budlight Swear Jar: Couldn’t they just buy beer?

7: Heineken: It’s good he waited because it would be hard to do all that stuff drunk. Maybe he was hoping the waiter would find a Guinness.

6: Hahn: That’s one deep hot tub.

5: Beer Heaven: It’s like regular heaven, only drunk. You’d think real beer heaven would have something other than Miller Lite to drink.

4: Bierbitzch: It’s all in how you order and tip.

3: Hahn Man: He may have a problem.

2: Coors: Some beer tastes like that anyway.

1: Budweiser: The King of Beer Commercials. My dog still hasn’t learned this trick. He keeps coming back with Olde English 40’s.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

No Longer Want to See Sucker Punch

Okay, okay. I've heard enough awful reviews. I no longer want to see Sucker Punch.
Everyone I've talked to who has seen the movie has told me that it was bad. Not just bad, but TERRIBLE! My cousin actually said it was the worst piece of shit he's ever seen. I must say, I am very disappointed. When I first started seeing stuff about Sucker Punch I was intrigued. I like Zack Snyder from his work on the 300 and Watchmen (check out our movie tee shirts!), so that was a plus. The first trailer I saw seemed pretty cool. It was one of those movies where I was like, hmm. Maybe I'll check it out.

We all make bad decisions in life.

Then came the later previews. There were the tv spots that have been running that featured the song Panic Switch by The Silversun Pickups (very underrated band). Pretty cool song, made me pretty hyped to see the movie. In all honesty though, the real reason I wanted to see this movie so bad was one song in particular:
When the Levee Breaks, by LED FUCKING ZEPPELIN!!!
I have always been familiar with Led Zeppelin (we've got Led Zeppelin tees), but I didn't really start to get deep into them until a few years ago. When I first heard When the Levee Breaks, I played it on repeat about five times. It automatically made me want to kick someone's ass. I was so hyped. I remember telling my girlfriend, "this is like the perfect song for a barfight scene in a movie." I racked my brain trying to think if I had ever heard it in a movie, but I came up with nothing.
So when I went to the movies a few months ago, and the into to Levee Breaks came pumping through the speakers, I lost my fucking mind. SOMEONE FINALLY USED IT! I was so hyped. It's the same way I feel about the Chemical Brothers song that plays during the previews for that Hanna movie that is coming out next week. That song gets me pretty pumped too (search our cool stuff).
Unfortunately, the reports of how shitty Sucker Punch is have diminished my excitement since then. I still have hope for Hanna. I guess maybe I should have different criteria for which movies I get excited to see, but I can't help it. Sometimes the music just gets to me.  We will carry Sucker Punch Tees as they are in demand around here.
Have you ever wanted to see a movie based on the music in the previews? Am I the only idiot?

Monday, April 04, 2011

Caddy Shack vs. Pulp Fiction Movie T-shirts

Caddy Shack vs. Pulp Fiction Movie T-shirts
Written by Tony DiGerolamo
Copyright 2011

Comedy and violence: They go hand in hand like an anvil perched over a coyote. But which one wins out in the movies? We take a look at these two classic movies and their classic movie t-shirts.

Quotes: Caddyshack has some awesome ones. Who can forget Bill Murray battling the ferocious gopher?   Love that Caddyshack t-shirt. But let’s face it, Pulp Fiction is built around one big quote from Samuel Jackson. has more Pulp Fiction t-shirts that Caddyshack tees.  They just don't seem to make that many Caddyshack t-shirts.
Winner: Pulp Fiction

Timeliness: Pulp Fiction is definitely the new movie, but Caddyshack has endured over these many, many years. Can anyone take golf seriously since that movie?
Winner: Caddyshack

Design: Not a tough call here. Caddyshack’s design is meant to be retro and the golf club was stuff. Pulp Fiction was all about the design and the look and one Bad Mother--- Shut your mouth!
Winner: Pulp Fiction

Characters: John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson are awesome, but it’s more about their star power than then. I mean, Vincent could just be Vinny Barbarino later in life. The characters of Caddyshack, however, are unforgettable. No contest.
Winner: Caddyshack

Although I think Caddyshack is the better and more enduring movie, I think Pulp Fiction wins the T-shirt competition. You can’t find a better design for your movie t-shirt.

Friday, March 25, 2011

The T-Shirt Guy on TV

Several years back, we were approached about the company in the video below. The guy (who we went on to call the t-shirt guy) started a business where he would wear 1 t-shirt every day for the entire year (365 days). One day he may wear a movie t-shirt, the next day he may wear a t-shirt with a band on it, followed by a custom t-shirt with a company name on it. He would wear the t-shirt for advertising and the business or organization would pay him to wear it. We laughed at the idea, but turns out it was a great idea. Who ever thought wearing t-shirts could be a career.  We are now obsessed with going to the site to check out the t-shirts that are worn each day.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Hangover vs. The Big Lebowski T-Shirts

The Hangover vs. The Big Lebowski T-shirts
Written by Tony DiGerolamo
Copyright 2011

Fighting. It was never meant for clothes to do. In Ancient Times, the Ancient Greek fought naked. This made some of the audience happy and a lot of it very uncomfortable. These days, we fight with clothes and today we take the fight to clothes. Let’s compare two the funniest movies every made and their shirts.

Quotes: The Hangover has some great quotes. One of the best being, “Is this Hotel Pager Friendly?”   I mean, who doesn’t remember that scene? But The Big Lewbowski has all the great quotes on ONE shirt.
Winner: The Big Lebowski

Timeliness: The Big Lebowski was great for its time. It had pot smoking, bowling, kidnapping, mystery--- Unfortunately, Mr. Fancypants, Jeff Bridges, has got a career that is currently dominating Hollywood and the Coen Brothers haven’t made a sequel yet. On the flip side, the Hangover 2 isn’t far off. There were rumors of Mel Gibson and Bill Clinton taking the cameo parts. Although the Dude t-shirt will abide and endure, your Hangover movie t-shirt will still be current when the sequel comes out.
Winner: The Hangover

Design: Although the Big Lebowski has some great movie T-shirts and stills from the movie, The Hangover has this little gem that can’t be ignored.
Winner: The Hangover.

Characters: Zach is . However, the Big Lebowski is known for its cast of oddballs, especially Walter and Jesus.
Winner: The Big Lebowski

It’s a close call, but we have to give it to the Big Lebowski. These images are already iconic and classic. And hey, nobody f---s with the Jesus.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

St. Patrick's Day T-Shirt Guide Part 1

It's that time again.  St. Paddy's Day is just a few weeks away and everyone is frantically trying to get their t-shirts and costumes ready for March 17th.  New Irish themed t-shirts for St. Patrick's Day have been arriving each day here at  We have a great selection of Irish T-Shirts and Costumes.  In the past many of our customers have told us that they prefer to just select cool t-shirts that are green rather than a true St. Patrick's Day t-shirt.  This year we have stocked a ton of green t-shirts along with our traditional Irish t-shirts. 

We have put together a little Irish T-Shirt Guide to give everyone some ideas for St. Patrick's Day clothing.  This is part 1 to our guide and we hope to put out part 2 next week so stay tuned.  Here are some cool t-shirts that can be worn on St. Patrick's Day:

1.  Boston Celtics Boston Pride T-Shirt - Celtics fans will love this t-shirt (sorry Lakers fans).  We are definitely not Celtics fans, but this t-shirt is very cool and is covered with Shamrocks all over the shirt.  This t-shirt was popular when it first came back and we managed to hang onto a limited few to offer this year.  Get them while they last!

2.  Cheers Logo Green T-Shirt - This one is a no brainer.  A green t-shirt that focuses on a bar.  Cool old school Cheers t-shirt in green.  I really miss that show.

3. Drink All Day, Fight All Night T-Shirt - This one was a top seller this year.  Unfortunately, it was not reprinted this season so stock levels are low.  Get them while they last.

4.  Flogging Molly Nautical Crest T-Shirt - If you are out partying on St. Patrick's Day, it is likely you will be hearing Flogging Molly Songs.  This Flogging Molly t-shirt is brand new and perfect for St. Paddys Day.

5.  Guinness Simple Vintage Style T-Shirt - Would not be a normal St. Patrick's Day without some Guinness Beer on tap.  Guinness t-shirts are always popular this time of the year and this one is our favorite.  Very cool vintage style Guinness t-shirt

6.  Irish Rainbow Suspenders T-Shirt - Our top selling womens Irish T-Shirt. This is just a really fun t-shirt.  Pull your suspenders up and party!

7.  Irish Tuxedo T-Shirt - A classic.  This year we also have an Irish Tuxedo t-shirt for women located here  Just like all tuxedo t-shirts this Irish Tux T-Shirt is great at parties.  The Irish Leprechaun t-shirt doubles as a costume

8.  Turn into a Leprechaun T-Shirt - This t-shirt is hysterical.  On the front it says Have you seen the drunk Leprechaun.  Flip the t-shirt up and you see the image of the drunk Leprechaun.  This one was released yesterday and we have already sold 35 of them.  This one is definitely the party t-shirt of the year

We will be back next week with another group of cool Irish themed t-shirts.  We also carry some Irish hats.  Be sure to see our Paddy's Pub T-Shirts and our Irish Junk Food Tees.  We will also be posting new Irish t-shirts on our Facebook Page so be sure to like us on Facebook

Happy St. Patrick's Day in advance.  Be sure to take pictures of you and your friends in our t-shirts on St. Patrick's Day.  Post them on our facebook wall for a chance to win free t-shirts.  We will be giving away free t-shirts for pictures we like

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

T-Shirt Model Search Contest Play In Round

The first round of our t-shirt model search contest is over.  You can view the models that moved on here  We had a slight glitch in the process.  We had a three way tie for the sixth position.  We decided to add a play in round where readers, shoppers, models and their friends will vote and rate on who they want to advance.  There is voting taking place over on our Facebook Page so go vote.  That poll will be half of the determining factor in the play in round.  The second half will be based on the ratings you provide below.  So rate each model below from 1 to 10 (10 being the best).  We will be back Monday morning to announce the winner and all the models have been sent our t-shirts to model them for the final round.  We wanted to thank everyone who participated in the first round.  We will definitely need models to model our clothing this year so we may be contacting some of you to model our clothing.

The rating is below.  Please rate all three models

1.  Amanda Grace - a 20 Year Old model from Pittsburgh, PA.

2. Amber Rose Neal - a 20 Year Old Model from Upstate New York

3.  Kaitlyn Nicole - a 19 year old model from Pittsburgh, PA


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Model Contest Update and St. Patrick's Day

2011 has rolled in, which means our Winter Model Contest deadline is approaching.  If interested get your entries in by January 29th!  We have received hundreds on entires thus far and will be putting together video clips of some of the contestants.  Feel free to comment on these videos on youtube and facebook and twitter.  This will enable us to select our final six and then voting will become a major part of the contest.  We are excited because we received a ton of worthy entrants.  Here is the first video clip that we created for the contest with Group 1.  Many more to come!

Believe it or not St. Patrick's Day is coming.  We have received tons of new products available for order for St. Patrick's Day and will have tons of new Irish T-Shirts this year and new costumes!  In the meantime check out our current Irish T-Shirts as their are some great clearance deals on many of these t-shirts