Wednesday, February 23, 2011

St. Patrick's Day T-Shirt Guide Part 1

It's that time again.  St. Paddy's Day is just a few weeks away and everyone is frantically trying to get their t-shirts and costumes ready for March 17th.  New Irish themed t-shirts for St. Patrick's Day have been arriving each day here at  We have a great selection of Irish T-Shirts and Costumes.  In the past many of our customers have told us that they prefer to just select cool t-shirts that are green rather than a true St. Patrick's Day t-shirt.  This year we have stocked a ton of green t-shirts along with our traditional Irish t-shirts. 

We have put together a little Irish T-Shirt Guide to give everyone some ideas for St. Patrick's Day clothing.  This is part 1 to our guide and we hope to put out part 2 next week so stay tuned.  Here are some cool t-shirts that can be worn on St. Patrick's Day:

1.  Boston Celtics Boston Pride T-Shirt - Celtics fans will love this t-shirt (sorry Lakers fans).  We are definitely not Celtics fans, but this t-shirt is very cool and is covered with Shamrocks all over the shirt.  This t-shirt was popular when it first came back and we managed to hang onto a limited few to offer this year.  Get them while they last!

2.  Cheers Logo Green T-Shirt - This one is a no brainer.  A green t-shirt that focuses on a bar.  Cool old school Cheers t-shirt in green.  I really miss that show.

3. Drink All Day, Fight All Night T-Shirt - This one was a top seller this year.  Unfortunately, it was not reprinted this season so stock levels are low.  Get them while they last.

4.  Flogging Molly Nautical Crest T-Shirt - If you are out partying on St. Patrick's Day, it is likely you will be hearing Flogging Molly Songs.  This Flogging Molly t-shirt is brand new and perfect for St. Paddys Day.

5.  Guinness Simple Vintage Style T-Shirt - Would not be a normal St. Patrick's Day without some Guinness Beer on tap.  Guinness t-shirts are always popular this time of the year and this one is our favorite.  Very cool vintage style Guinness t-shirt

6.  Irish Rainbow Suspenders T-Shirt - Our top selling womens Irish T-Shirt. This is just a really fun t-shirt.  Pull your suspenders up and party!

7.  Irish Tuxedo T-Shirt - A classic.  This year we also have an Irish Tuxedo t-shirt for women located here  Just like all tuxedo t-shirts this Irish Tux T-Shirt is great at parties.  The Irish Leprechaun t-shirt doubles as a costume

8.  Turn into a Leprechaun T-Shirt - This t-shirt is hysterical.  On the front it says Have you seen the drunk Leprechaun.  Flip the t-shirt up and you see the image of the drunk Leprechaun.  This one was released yesterday and we have already sold 35 of them.  This one is definitely the party t-shirt of the year

We will be back next week with another group of cool Irish themed t-shirts.  We also carry some Irish hats.  Be sure to see our Paddy's Pub T-Shirts and our Irish Junk Food Tees.  We will also be posting new Irish t-shirts on our Facebook Page so be sure to like us on Facebook

Happy St. Patrick's Day in advance.  Be sure to take pictures of you and your friends in our t-shirts on St. Patrick's Day.  Post them on our facebook wall for a chance to win free t-shirts.  We will be giving away free t-shirts for pictures we like

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