Wednesday, February 02, 2011

T-Shirt Model Search Contest Play In Round

The first round of our t-shirt model search contest is over.  You can view the models that moved on here  We had a slight glitch in the process.  We had a three way tie for the sixth position.  We decided to add a play in round where readers, shoppers, models and their friends will vote and rate on who they want to advance.  There is voting taking place over on our Facebook Page so go vote.  That poll will be half of the determining factor in the play in round.  The second half will be based on the ratings you provide below.  So rate each model below from 1 to 10 (10 being the best).  We will be back Monday morning to announce the winner and all the models have been sent our t-shirts to model them for the final round.  We wanted to thank everyone who participated in the first round.  We will definitely need models to model our clothing this year so we may be contacting some of you to model our clothing.

The rating is below.  Please rate all three models

1.  Amanda Grace - a 20 Year Old model from Pittsburgh, PA.

2. Amber Rose Neal - a 20 Year Old Model from Upstate New York

3.  Kaitlyn Nicole - a 19 year old model from Pittsburgh, PA


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