Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Hangover vs. The Big Lebowski T-Shirts

The Hangover vs. The Big Lebowski T-shirts
Written by Tony DiGerolamo
Copyright 2011

Fighting. It was never meant for clothes to do. In Ancient Times, the Ancient Greek fought naked. This made some of the audience happy and a lot of it very uncomfortable. These days, we fight with clothes and today we take the fight to clothes. Let’s compare two the funniest movies every made and their shirts.

Quotes: The Hangover has some great quotes. One of the best being, “Is this Hotel Pager Friendly?”   I mean, who doesn’t remember that scene? But The Big Lewbowski has all the great quotes on ONE shirt.
Winner: The Big Lebowski

Timeliness: The Big Lebowski was great for its time. It had pot smoking, bowling, kidnapping, mystery--- Unfortunately, Mr. Fancypants, Jeff Bridges, has got a career that is currently dominating Hollywood and the Coen Brothers haven’t made a sequel yet. On the flip side, the Hangover 2 isn’t far off. There were rumors of Mel Gibson and Bill Clinton taking the cameo parts. Although the Dude t-shirt will abide and endure, your Hangover movie t-shirt will still be current when the sequel comes out.
Winner: The Hangover

Design: Although the Big Lebowski has some great movie T-shirts and stills from the movie, The Hangover has this little gem that can’t be ignored.
Winner: The Hangover.

Characters: Zach is . However, the Big Lebowski is known for its cast of oddballs, especially Walter and Jesus.
Winner: The Big Lebowski

It’s a close call, but we have to give it to the Big Lebowski. These images are already iconic and classic. And hey, nobody f---s with the Jesus.

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