Monday, April 11, 2011

The Top Ten Funniest Beer Commercials

The Top Ten Funniest Beer Commercials
Written by Tony DiGerolamo
Copyright 2011

Whether you drink Dosequis or you are still wearing a distressed Schaefer beer t-shirt, everyone loves a good beer and a good beer commercial.  It's too bad that their aren't that many funny beer t-shirts.  If only the t-shirts matched the funny commercials.  I still miss the Bud Ice Doobie Doobie Doo Penguin t-shirts that we once had.  We have tons of cool Beer t-shirts, just not very many funny beer tees.

10: Guinness: It’s the sort of beer you should share.

9: Tuborg Glasses: Apparently in Denmark the women require more alcohol.

8: Budlight Swear Jar: Couldn’t they just buy beer?

7: Heineken: It’s good he waited because it would be hard to do all that stuff drunk. Maybe he was hoping the waiter would find a Guinness.

6: Hahn: That’s one deep hot tub.

5: Beer Heaven: It’s like regular heaven, only drunk. You’d think real beer heaven would have something other than Miller Lite to drink.

4: Bierbitzch: It’s all in how you order and tip.

3: Hahn Man: He may have a problem.

2: Coors: Some beer tastes like that anyway.

1: Budweiser: The King of Beer Commercials. My dog still hasn’t learned this trick. He keeps coming back with Olde English 40’s.

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