Monday, April 18, 2011

Top Ten Gamer Moments

Top Ten Gamer Moments
Written by Tony DiGerolamo
Copyright 2011

Video games are like candy for your brain. They’re delicious, but if you have too much they can rot things. Then you’ll be unable to type the pgoaiga;b afjadfj ad;gh g&34 hadsgryfglhgjhglhasd!

10: A gamer’s worst nightmare. Although, this guy isn’t wearing a video game t-shirt, so is he really a gamer?

9: That’s just the kind of mercy my opponents show me in Halo.

8: It’s a good think Bob is playing golf and not Angry Birds. It’s way more relaxing.

7: Sniping requires patience and clenched buttocks.

6: With the collapse of the dollar, we’ll all soon be spending Mario coins to buy food.

5: Wii Fit makes the mundane possible. You’d probably get more of a workout playing Dragon’s Lair.

4: If only he hit the keys harder. He would’ve won.

3: It’s a good thing he was playing this game and not Pac Man. He’d just end up back on the other side of the screen when he drove off.

2: This mom is definitely not going to buy him this video game shirt.

1: A reason not to take your controller everywhere. This never would’ve happened if they had played Donkey Kong.

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