Monday, May 16, 2011

Five Family Guy Characters That Make Terrible Dates

Five Family Guy Characters That Make Terrible Dates
Written by Tony DiGerolamo
Copyright 2011

While browsing our Family Guy T-Shirts section and talking to a friend who went on a terrible date this past weekend, this post evolved.

5: Peter: Any guy that poops his pants as much as Peter is just a date disaster waiting to happen. And how can you expect to get through dinner with all those flashbacks? He looks good on t-shirts however.

4: Chris: Chris is not only stupid, he’s got stupid guy strength which you need to watch out for. Sure, you can distract him with a jingle of keys, but he’s a danger to himself and others.

3: Brian: Brian’s got more baggage than a Paris Hilton private plane. A dog that couldn’t talk would probably have an easier time with dates and relationships. It’s always a soap opera with this guy.

2: Quagmire: Do you really want to date a guy that a regular spot at the STD clinic? This guy is so full of disease, the CDC wants to study his penis. He’s gross, you get the idea.

1: Stewie: Stewie is just messed up. His genius intellect mixed with his sexual confusion means your date is going to be just as messed up. Plus, he’s a baby. Are you sick? You can’t date a baby.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Top Ten Sport Videos

Top Ten Sport Videos
Written by Tony DiGerolamo
Copyright 2011

Sport. The most competitive thing man has invented other than competition. It drives some men to build their bodies up so they can get maximum performance. For everyone else, it drives them to sit for two hours, eating nachos and beers and cursing at the TV screen. Here now are ten videos celebrating sport in all its glory.

10: Maybe if the Denver Broncos celebrated like this, they’d score more touchdowns. I always liked the Denver Broncos t-shirts though.

9: Would you rather pitch a perfect game like the Phillies did or pitch like this guy?

8: This fan either really hates this hockey player or really likes him.

7: Basketball requires a great deal of balance, just not here.

6: Is this guy playing soccer or hockey?

5: These guys might be the Japanese version of the Detroit Tigers.

4: I think “la cabasa” means “very awkward pass”.

3: Like ninjas, hockey players must be prepared from an attack in any direction.

2: Wow, his kid could start with the Mets.

1: This guy could really use a sports t-shirt.