Monday, May 16, 2011

Five Family Guy Characters That Make Terrible Dates

Five Family Guy Characters That Make Terrible Dates
Written by Tony DiGerolamo
Copyright 2011

While browsing our Family Guy T-Shirts section and talking to a friend who went on a terrible date this past weekend, this post evolved.

5: Peter: Any guy that poops his pants as much as Peter is just a date disaster waiting to happen. And how can you expect to get through dinner with all those flashbacks? He looks good on t-shirts however.

4: Chris: Chris is not only stupid, he’s got stupid guy strength which you need to watch out for. Sure, you can distract him with a jingle of keys, but he’s a danger to himself and others.

3: Brian: Brian’s got more baggage than a Paris Hilton private plane. A dog that couldn’t talk would probably have an easier time with dates and relationships. It’s always a soap opera with this guy.

2: Quagmire: Do you really want to date a guy that a regular spot at the STD clinic? This guy is so full of disease, the CDC wants to study his penis. He’s gross, you get the idea.

1: Stewie: Stewie is just messed up. His genius intellect mixed with his sexual confusion means your date is going to be just as messed up. Plus, he’s a baby. Are you sick? You can’t date a baby.

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