Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sports T-Shirts and Five Kinds of Sports Fans

Five Kinds of Sports Fans

While looking at the different sports t-shirts we carry and looking for unique, funny, local sports t-shirts to sell from different cities this article on sports fans came about.

5: The Detroit Fan: Detroit fans have a never-say-die attitude, which is good, because their sports team usually die on the field. Whether it’s the Pistons trying to keep the second half from turning into a blowout or the Tigers trying to competently make it the 9th inning without losing in double digits, Detroit fans are full of hope. They have to be. It’s not like their city is full of championship rings or trophies.

4: The New York Fan: Smug and superior, the New York sports fan never knows the pain of his team not being able to afford to buy a championship. At this point, it’s almost boring when the Yankees win and doubly embarrassing when they lose. Fortunately, there are always Mets and Jets fans to remind New Yorkers that their sports teams can always sink to the bottom.

3: The Atlanta Fan: Rife with amazingly polite homeless people, Atlanta fans take pride in their sports teams. Sure, their backwood, hillbilly lifestyle makes it hard for them to afford the high priced, high-falootin’ sports tickets, but after someone reads the streets signs for them, they find the stadiums fast enough to see the game.

2: The California Fan: Sadly, all they know is Lakers basketball and one has to wonder what will happen when they no longer have a 20-foot giant on the team that has to bend down to drop the ball in the hoop. Perhaps, in the future, Los Angeles will discover that they actually have other sports in their city. Then again, why bother to go when you can legally smoke medical marijuana?

1: The Philadelphia Fan: Drunk, belligerent and full of riot juice, the average Philadelphia sports fan is obnoxious, the city once proposed “muzzle day” for one of the Phillies home games. There’s a reason the pretzels are sold soft in Philadelphia, so they don’t hurt anyone when they are hurled onto the sports field. Any town that booed Santa, would pretty much boo its own mother.

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